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Pressure Point



I use charge damage bonus and melee attack bonus mods on my melee weapons.


In the case of the glaive, i only use charge attacks, is there a point in using pressure point? Does pressure point increase the charge damage of weapons or is the charge damage only affected by the other mod? (can't remember the name)

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Since elemental damage is based off of a weapon's normal attack damage, I can assume that adding Pressure Point will help in that area.


Or so I've heard.



Not too sure about that. It think it sclaes off charge damage when using charged attacks, and melee damage with normal attacks.



In either case, the Glaive's melee damage is too pitful to begin with to make it worth it. Stick to charge damage/speed and some fancy elemental mods.

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yes it does


edit: btw use the wiki, it has all the answers :)

It doesn't have the answers for Orthos jump and slide damage.

That and Pressure Point page only says it increases for normals and slides...there's still wall and jumps :>

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