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Just Some Ideas.


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I think there should be more gore for melee such as swords cutting off arms and blood gushing everywhere :3 and something like if a tenno is injured should move slower while tracking blood on it's tracks just a small suggestion oh and maybe re-doing some off the new enemies to come from the sentient war to look something like this http://clevermusings.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Gears-of-War-Lambent-Zombies.jpg would be pretty sweet obviously not all like GoW but maybe copy the glow effect? Add perhaps add them into the void to just a small idea which Hope people can see my vision and like it. Perhaps also allowing a new sentinals that can be made within the void and have the glowing/golden look? Pehaps allowing the drop rate for so called sentinals would be rare but provide a special skill like a team heal/team ammo regen/self revive/team defense up? Obviously not to make those skills to frequent or game would be to easy but just a suggestion and these so called sentinels would be pretty hard to aquire meaning no PLAT could buy them either be nice just a small ideas i have had got more if anyone is interested in hearing more

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