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Can We Please Get A Developer Pack?


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I know you guys just released a fan pack which had some pictures of guns and warframes and wallpapers and whatnot...

But I have been building and updating my beta warframebuilds website and it would be nice to have actual .png images of every mod at every level, every gun, every sentinel etc.

As it stands, the images us devs have to use are screenshotted from in-game or taken from the warframe Wiki.


I think the community for warframe would grow stronger if it had better websites and methods of sharing information -- and this is really difficult to achieve without the output of the warframe developers.

This probably isn't a priority, but it would be fantastic, and help me out a lot!

(If you're wondering what I'm talking about, take a look at the builds on my site... the mod image levels don't correspond with the ones chosen by users ... shameless self plug http://www.warframebuilds.com/ )


Thanks a bunch!

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