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Necro Warframe Concept Art


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I FULLY support a necro frame. I would love this, I am a huge fan or necromancy and blood magic in other games. And it really wouldn't too out of character for the Tenno, seeing as the Orokin invented the infestation, if I remember correctly. Harnessing that power to raise dead or near dead bodies to fight alongside the frame would not be that difficult in either lore or game mechanics. There is also a lot more that could be done with a necro/infested frame than raise the dead. 


I am also thinking of working on some fan/concept art for this frame. Soon to come. I'd like something with a hood and tattered cloak appearance. 

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the whole raising the dead and zombie concepts are so gay. People who say the necromancer frame doesnt fit are close minded minded and ignorant.

those that think raising the dead and such zombies and bodies and what not are also being ignorant and way to cliche.


In games like skyrim, oblivion and some other games  necromancy is explained and alluded to being a science based on enthalpy and entropy.


The necro frame could be based on entropy and enthalpy and have a trinity support feel concept.


IE his 4 powers could buff and debuff enemies. enthalpy based team support with damaging entropic powers. his ult could be a large radial entropic pool sucking the life and slowing enemies. he could also have entropic blast which can restore some aspect of of the frame (power health shields) and his team buffing skill could be like enthalpy: at the cost of half your life shields and energy restore 1/4 energy to allies and 50% of their max health.


I don't know why nova beat out something like this which woulda had potential and been fun to use. This frame could even hold the yin yang feel people had suggested for nova. except this frame would be better.

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Although I voted for the Anti-matter frame, I didn't hate the idea of Necro (It was my third choice after Berserker) so I was thinking about what could have been. Here's what I would do.



Health: great

Armor: low

Shields: low

Speed: good

Energy: good

Sepulchre is designed to terrify and demoralize opponents, and uses nanotechnology, stores of specially treated calcium and plasma holograms to attack their foes.

1. Bone shards: Sepulchre flings a shotgun like blast of hardened calcium fragments. It doesn't have damage drop like normal shotguns.

2. Vampiric aura: Sepulchre releases a cloud of flesh eating nanites. Any enemy entering their vicinity will slowly lose it’s life and grant it to Sepulchre.

3. Skeletal Servant: Using their on-board nanite factory and calcium stores, Sepulchre creates a small bony creature that attacks their enemies. Basically a decoy that deals damage.

4. Wraith storm: Sepulchre releases a large number of ghostly plasma holgrams that home in on their enemies. Each does massive damage but can only attack once before dissolving.

Edit: Rear view


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