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Space Cube! Amazing Bug That Should Be Kept In The Game


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My first experience with solo play was a failure thanks to a gamebreaking bug that I absolutely loved, no sarcasm. I think it was awesome.


I ran up a little wall into a fence by a mining machine on the first corpus sabotage mission on Mercury. I was dunking mad hard trying out some wallflips, and while spamming run up a wall, lo and behold I broke it. I ran up, slid into the slit between the wall and the railing a little (between textures?) and shot into a...


SPACE CUBE! It was a small cube with space on every side (space textures.) I suggest an exit door instead of a removal! I was so amazed by this that I played around in the cube for almost ten minutes, wondering if everything was a hypercube. 


Needless to say I love this game now and will be reporting every bug I can find, and searching for them avidly.


First post, hello!

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I had a neat one once where I was just running around, planting bullets into grineer faces, when a wall (that should have just been an ordinary wall) was COMPLETELY white, but only if you looked directly at it. If you looked just slightly to either side, it turned into a normal wall again. It was a wall of LIES I tell you! Spent a minute and a half falling after going straight through it

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Hello, welcome to the forum, errr... JUG!

That is called sky-box, a method to create backgorund of very faraway scenery with much less resource than just completely rendering the whole scene.


You might understand this further through this link:



The bug is how did you ended up there. Maybe there was a geometry leak that causes your frame got slipped through, and ended up outside the level boundary.

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