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Kairos The Time-Warper


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After seeing that Nova a community developed warframe managed to get in the game, I thought that maybe I could give some of my ideas. One day while browsing through some concepts in DeviantArt, I thought of making my own, sadly I suck at drawing so I'll just give you the details then maybe some of you can contribute the design or the Developers can make their own.

Kairos the Time-Warper

Health - 150

Shields - 75 with slightly increased shield recharge rate

Energy - 150

Armour - 50

Sprint Speed - 1.1

Polarities - 4xAttack,2xTactic


1.Anomaly- Targeted enemy will be damaged overtime and slowed due to rapid time acceleration
Energy Used:25

2.Stasis- Freezes enemy unit in time making it unable to attack or move however damage done to it is cut in half except for Anomaly.
Energy Used:25

3.Warp- Drops a mark in current location, after a set amount of time, teleport to the mark. After the teleportation, shields are completely refreshed, current weapon is instantly reloaded, and mark will be removed.
Energy Used:50

Note: As a drawback, warframe will have very low shields, possibly the least. Also ability cannot be used if there is currently a mark in existence.

4.Time Field
Possible Effects:
A. Spawns a field where allies move slightly faster but enemies are slowed considerably and are continuously damaged while inside. Upon exiting the field, speed buff will remain for a few seconds.


B. Spawns a field where allies move, shoot, and do melee faster, as well as making all non-hit scan weapons become hit scan except for Torid, Ogris, and all bolt weapons, instead these have a slight damage increase instead. Upon exiting the field, speed buff will remain for a few seconds.

Energy Used:100

As you can see this one is mainly a support warframe, since I think there have been too many damage dealers lately. Criticism is welcome but please tell me what I should change on this thing, don't just go around throwing flames.


Thanks to Bozza for stat ideas.

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I like this idea. It seems that you've thought it through a bit to make sure it isn't OP. As you say, it is almost definately a support frame.


My suggestions for stats are:


Health - 150

Shields - 75

Energy - 150

Armour - 50 (not too low, otherwise warp become necessary to survive)

Speed = x1.1 (controls time, so why not speed yourself up)

Shield recharge should be slightly different to normal, higher or lower depending on how the ability stats turn out.


Polarities should probably be:

4 x = (power)

2 x - (tactic e.g. power duration)


Thats just my opinion on how the warframe could flesh out. Hopefully you can comment on this and say what you think.



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