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How To Create Clan Emblems Using Gimp 2


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Hello Community!


Some people asked me already how I create my Clan Emblems, so I decided to create a small tutorial.

Sorry, my GIMP Software is sadly german, but I tried to translate it the best I could, otherwhise you should be able to see it in the picture.





Step 1:

Brushes! That's the magic keyword. Search for any brushes like "GIMP 2 Tribal Brushes. 

They are either .abr or .gbr format. After you got these brushes, go to C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\brushes\


Create a Folder called "More", or whatever you want to call it. Drag and drop your brushes in there. Now go to GIMP.

You see, I got a lot of Tribal Brushes in the right bottom corner. Simply rightclick in there and press "Refresh Brushes".

The brush you added should now be there.


Now, select your brush with leftclick. Now pick the paintbrush, like I selected it in the toolbox. Change the size, degree, etc. to whatever you want. Now leftclick the image to paint your brush. Ctrl+Z to undo your last change!


Above the brushes, you see my "Layer 1". You can rightclick the white space below it to add more Layers.

To add transparency, you have to rightclick your layer, then follow these steps:

Layer -> Transparency -> Add alpha channel


Now, whenever you erase something, it becomes 100% transparent.








Step 2:

Let's add your desired text! Click the big "A" in the toolbox, like you see in the image. Now you can choose your Fontstyle, size, color, etc.


To add a new Fontstyle, you have to download one. Doubleclick the downloaded Font and click "Install". After it is installed, click the two symbols to the left of the name of the fontstyle. Now click "Font selection dialogue" in the right bottom corner. Click the Refresh Sign to add your fonts.


Now, to add text to your image, simply leftclick the image with your Textbrush selected. Then write whatever you'd like.

You can pull your text around with the square-like corners of the text. 



Everytime you add a text, be sure to go to Layer -> Layer to Image Size like seen here:






Step 3:

Now, to my favorite tool: The Alien Glow. Click any of your Layers, then go to Filter -> Alpha as Logo -> Alien-Glow



Now, a little box pops up. Click the color and change it to whatever you want. The number above the color determines how fat your Glow is. The smaller the number, the weaker the glow.



Now it looks like this.

Be sure to delete the black layer that got created by rightclicking it -> Delete Layer.



This is what we've done so far:



Repeat that Step on all layers, until you're satisfied:










Step 4:

Coloring. To change the colors of any layer, go to Colors -> Coloring.



This little box pops up. Tint will change your color, saturation will change the color consistence, brightness is for brightness obviously.



Repeat that Step on all layers, until you're satisfied:








Step 5: 

Special Effects. There are a lot of special effects, try them all out. I prefer the "Supernova". Go to Filter -> Light and Shadow -> Supernova.



Now this box pops up. Change your effects to whatever you want, try it out a little. Drag the "sun" around to the point you want it to be.



This is how it looks:







Step 6: 

Save the Emblem. Go to File -> Export.



Now, choose the place to save it and be sure it will be a .png! Now, you need to change your settings to exactly what I have. This is used to prevent the transparency get replaced with the color white + for best resolution possible.






Step 7:

Upload it to www.imgur.com and share it with the world.







Sadly I don't seem to be able to post any more pictures, so if you still got any questions, feel free to ask.





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Hey I saw your posts and the hype about clan emblems. Now, we have an artist in our clan and he came up with something that we all liked but we're not experts in this :(. So I was wondering if you could edit this image... make the background transparent and resize it to match the requirements, otherwise it's okay. Would really appreciate the help mate!



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Thank you for the tuttorial now i can create a cool  looking emblem for my clan but i have one uestion when you go and upload it to submit it for your clan and then click preview the emblem apears and a square around it will that square get removed or it will go with the emblem?

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I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. I was getting 20+ requests a day and I barely manage to live my life. I will start anew (Hyouka) and let you message me again, but with some restriction.


Lock Thread please.

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