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A Few Opinions On How To Improve The Game


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Ok so I'm not really good at this and I'm generally more of a lurker than a poster but here goes nothing.


<>Nerf slides to help with the rushing issue.Make it so that slides don't allow stamina to regen and slow them down a bit.


<>Improve the enemy AI.This topic was already discussed to death and I really dont know what else to add.


<>Fewer but thougher enemies to prevent the aoe fest and make aiming for the head more rewarding and eficient instead of midlessly spraying.Right now its pretty much: find large group of enemies>run into said group>press 4.I'd REALLY love to see fewer enemies that can actually be a threat instead of thousands of worthless grunts spraying their nerf guns at you.


<>Something should be done regarding weapon mods.Currently the best builds are full damage ones.Mods such as as serration and split chamber are a must if you want to stand a chance against anything thats lvl 30+.Not many customization options there...


<>Armor scaling and armor ignoring weapons rendering non armor ignoring weapons useless.Again this topic was discussed a lot on the forums and I don't know what else to say.


<>Make certain kill methods more rewarding.Kills while doing acrobatics such as sliding or wall running should and headshots should give more xp compared to just running up to a crewman and shooting him point blank in the face.


<>Melee needs a bit of work.More melee combos, buffs for single target weapons and making blocks drain stamina only when being shot at while also buffing the amount of damage blocked or making blocks completly ignore damage.


<>More frames like Nyx, Loki and Trinity.Currently they are the only frames without some massive AOE damage as their ultimate.Even tho with the games current accent of throwing tons of ....poorly trained enemies at you ala battle of stalingrad AOE ultimates will always shine over more original concepts such as Loki's disarm.


Well that's pretty much all I had to say right now.

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