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A Few Weapon Ideas That Will Go Unnoticed


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So everyone is talking weapons so let's get to the point while grineer don't multiply to insane numbers:


1. Good but not too OP GL:


While most people love hit-scan and fast Ogris I kinda feel we miss a GL here:



But it's a ninja game!

I know, but when going gets though.... plus we do have ogris. This could also be a Bombard V2 or new boss weapon, grineer style.


2. Go medieval on their ***es:



Yes, a flail and a shield where it would be pain to get new animations but you could get nice combos. It would go along with my "blood for the blood god" concept which I can bet there are more Tenno out there with same opinion, as I do tend to melee most of my enemies, but I just like the block to be more efficient to close the distance hence shield. Charge attack would be something like a shield bash for knockdown + flail slam while they are down.


Would also work nice with Berserker frame once it shows.


3. The LEL - Lever action rifle

Nuff said, the classic



4. A classic dakka:

Tenno style ofcourse, but not braton



5. Pistol/s rifle/s with bayonet

Think of old pirate flintlocks which had blades (or refer to Warhammers Witch Hunters).

Make a weapon that is strong single shot weapon with no effective accuracy (so 1 bullet per gun, 150-200 normal damage), make it dual and make it have dagger based attacks (fast, crits etc.)


Also for rifles would be a bit silly ;)


6. With addition to throwable melee/sidearms

Tomahawks, stakes, Mjölnir, etc.


7. Crossbow:

nuff said




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A chain based weapon would be awesome. It would be low damage but really long reach and maybe a stagger or entangle effect on a charge attack.  I don't think the shield would be a good idea though.  Too bulky and blocking isn't that useful anyway.  Still, there are already too many melee weapons relative to the other types.

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I like the concept of shield, perhaps a "skin" that works on all one-handed weapons and absorbs hit when blocking (and hitting the shield). You could have a small one that provides small cover, and a big one that provides lots of cover but is bulky and slows movement. And +1 to chain based weapon.

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