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Blast procs have no effect on blast-proc'd enemies


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So, most of us Condition Overload lovers know that Blast procs are split into two different Status effects:

  • the "marker proc"-- i.e. the marker that shows up by the enemy's name, lasting for 2.0 seconds but having no other effect
  • the "knockdown proc"-- i.e. the actual knockdown effect, lasting until the enemy stands back up (however short or long that may be)

But right now, if an enemy has the "marker proc" active, then any Blast procs that you land will not cause the knockdown proc. You need to wait for the marker to disappear first.
The marker's 2-second timer does get refreshed, but if anything, this makes it even worse-- it means that successive Blast procs will keep the marker active, so the knockdown proc doesn't get a chance to occur again no matter how many Blast procs you land. Unless, of course, you stop attacking and let the marker expire on its own.


Naturally, this is a bit of a problem. Hopefully this can get fixed soon!

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Yep, seems the faster the procs are thrown out, the less likely you'll knock down again.  If you trigger another blast proc before the previous one runs out, the new blast proc will not trigger knockdown.  The only way to knock the enemy down again is to land another blast proc after another wears off.  Also, there may be slight UI lag on the blast proc wearing off, as it seems I can re-proc it close to the end of the UI's indicator for the blast proc, but that could just be human error on my part.

Also, some animations (eg. flinching from a melee attack, making a melee attack) seems to render them immune to knockdown too.

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