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Empty Loot Rooms


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Loot Rooms should ALWAYS have at least 1 locker or container that can be opened.


Corpus ships are especially lousy for this; sometimes you'll see an elevator (this happened to me earlier) that does not lead to the mission objective, nor does it lead to extraction. I'll take said elevator, maybe go a room or two and then run into a loot room dead-end.


All the lockers are red, and there are no smashable containers.




Thanks for wasting my time for nothing, game.


All Loot Rooms should have at least 1 lootable object.


Rooms that are away from the mission path should have multiple things you can loot, given the extra effort it takes to reach them.


One should never have to take an elevator, fight through 2-3 rooms of crap and come up on a room that has absolutely nothing in it.

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I've had the loot rooms at the end of Parkour Treasure rooms in the void come up practically empty. I had 3 instances Str in a row of the new bridge extension one with the 3 closing doors, where I'd get all 3 rooms, but only got 3 mods so I force quit my game. It would be a waste of a key to let that play through stand.

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