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This Game ..so Bad.


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This community is so awesome never seizes to amaze me,please continue.

Also mod delete this thread.Forgot there is no common sense around here.

Lets just say,game didnt turn out any better than at start,not what i  expected.

And wasting 3 level 30 maxed HEk+catalyst, shots on a corpus,which used to be 1 shot even with worse weps...surely not harder.


Um... spell check?


And as for common sense... Come onto the feedback forums and complain that you can't one shot enemies. Um, yes. I suppose that IS valid feedback about the game in general.


I think.

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Ummm... You are doing it wrong. That is the simple truth.

My Hek still chews through enemies in the level 60 - 70 range.

Unless you went to pluto and got your teeth kicked in by the occasional 90s that show up. Then duh. Of course you died and were relatively ineffective.

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