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Screen Shake OMG!!!

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Ok! So haven't really noticed this till this last lil patch that forced the screen shake option back on plus i have been taking a slight break :P

But holy Bleep!!!! The screen shake is crazy out of control i ran 1 i mean just 1 sabatoage mission and i wanted to go puke. So i laid down for a min and got the green out of my gills went to options unticked enable screen shake relogged to make sure setting took. Then tried again yup nope lol. I don't know what you guys did or added but ya I cant even run a mission without turning green in the gills it is way way way to much.

I mean its so bad that even the liset loading screen to a mission looks like a the camera man has a serious case of Parkinson's disease. Let alone when in a mission durning explosions, firing a full auto weapon, running and MoA's stomping the ground 50 meters away feel like my eyes are going twitch right out my head trying to keep focus on what i am shooting at. Hell just trying to keep track of the extraction mark is hell.

I understand maybe your trying to make it a little more imersive but ya there is a wide line between imersion and riding the vomit commet. And currnetly atleast for me Warframe has became the vomit commet side.

So please DE take a good strong look at the screen shake i hate to have to take a perm break because i cant play with the current screen shake as it is.

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I never witnessed just how disorienting and overall terrible screen shake can get until Plains and all the god forsaken mortars. I agree here. Even with the option to disable it entirely, there needs to be a look at just how intense it can get when enabled.

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Is this ever going to get fixed?. I can only play for 5 mins at the most before i my eyes lose focus and my head starts banging like a rave. Please for the love of those that are seriously affected by motion sickness put an option in to completely disable this.

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