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Hate Or Reaper Prime




I have read and asked this question many times and it seems as though Hate is better. But i also heard that reaper prime is suppose to get a buff to its damage?


So if possible could someone explain why hate is actually better? I think it has less speed but more damage 


reaper prime has 100% stagger though isnt that good as well? 


Thank you ~!

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Hate does do more charge dmg, but according to somenes calculations reaper prime has the higher dps due to its faster swing speed. Calculations from wiki


"For those who truly think that Reaper Prime would be 'useless', 'weak' or 'good for nothing' and worse than hate... Here's so news for you. Reaper Prime does do less damge, but it's charge speed makes up to it. I did some calculations and I noticed that Reaper prime has better DPS, not only primaty attacks but charge attacks too. Hate does (about) 95,2 damage per second, and Reaper Prime does 103.2 damage per second. Hate for single attacks, Reaper for bigger number of enemies when there's use for fast charge speed."

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