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Convert Swords Into Different Types


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As far as I know, we got 37 melee weapons. And 10 weapons are swords. I'm not including the dual weapons or weapons with a different animations, such as the Machete. I mean more than 25% of all melee weapons are swords with the same animations.


It wouldn't be bad if there were like 4 or 5 melee weapon types, but having so many melee types, the distribution is quite bad.


And the cause of this problem is, most likely, because the DE didn't have the time or the tools to work on new weapon types back during the Close Beta phase. With a limitted team, they didn't have much choice but to "reskin" an existing weapon when it came down to releasing new weapons.



That being said, I'd like to suggest to convert some of the swords into the other weapon types that we've got ingame, while having the option to use those converted swords as skins for the remaining swords.



So, what does that mean?


"Pangolin Sword", would become, for example, "Pangolin Fists" (alternative for the Kogake). But the "Pangolin Sword" will be available as a skin for, for example, the Cronus Sword.


Heat Sword, becomes Heat Hammer (alternative for the Fragor). And the "Heat Sword" will be available as a skin for the Dark Sword.


These are just some examples to give you guys an idea.



Keep in mind that skins do change the stats of the weapons, and looking at the current sword assortiment, some swords have such a small difference in stats that they could just be a skin, rather then a separate weapon.


I mean, when was the last time you saw someone with a Mire or a Jaw Sword?

When was the last time you saw anyone running around with a single Sword? Except for the people that aim for the high mastery rank and the beginniners that run around with the Skana, I don't really see anyone else using those.


Also, I'd like to add that I don't think anyone wants another melee weapon, as we already got almost 40. So converting might be the better option. I mean, there is no need for new animations. The "Pangolin Fists" will be the same as the Kogake, just with different stats.

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Machete is actually the only sword that shouldn't be a skin. It doesn't qualify based on the current skin system.

A skin does not change the animations, it only chages the stats.


The fact that Machete has "the same stats" and different animations, not to mention the multihit, makes it perfect to be a seperate weapon.

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While some of the swords are more or less redundant, DE shouldn't change them into other weapon types.  All DE should do is change up the stats on those weapons to make them more unique. 


If players want a fist weapon, they can use one of the 3 existing ones (including Kogake).  If players want to use a fiery hammer, all they have to do is equip a fire damage mod onto their Fragor.

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