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Some General Ideas For Improvement Add Your Own 2


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well this is the first thread im making since i started warframe some time back just my take on it so far its subject to change just want to see what you guys think of these ideas and if they could be beneficial to 2 the game:


1- Trade - the option to give mods to a friend and get mods from a friend  in case that its 2 much it could be made with limitations for instance 1 rare mod for 1 rare mod  and if there is a need for further limitations they can add a polarization limitation to it as well (aka the trade needs to have a equal number of quality  and Polarization)(maybe even rank i guess)


2- a  difficulty setting - for mission let us chose from  very easy - easy - normal - hard - very hard and give higher drop rates for it  this can also come in 2 forms 1 of party's and 1 for a solo players 


3- a ability to rush a production for a large(absurd even if it has to be) amount of credits (not sure about this idea)


4 - the ability to combine fusion cores into more rare cores - this can be either done in 1 of 2 ways or implement both:


A - just normal combination a few common form a uncommon and a few of those form a rare 


B - letting us combine a larger sum of cores into a Fusion Reactor or something similar in the foundry  that would give a large boost  and then let us combine a few of those into a fusion Generator  that could max out 1 mod right away 




5 - not sure if something like this is in the works but a combo system were you can do something like a light light heavy light heavy melee combo or similar would be nice maybe giving weapons combos that are unlocked as they rank up?along with a list of those moves in the weapons details or somewhere 


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1,and 2 have long been asked for/discussed, DE is working on ways to trading, and right now, nightmare mode is all your gonna get for a difficulty setting.


3 is a bit iffy. Your only paying for convenience with plat rushes, so I don't see the need for it. I don't mind the wait at all, even on warframes.


4 is a great idea and I've thought about this a bit before.


As for 5, I don't think there are any plans for a combo system, and I don't think it would do well in Warframe. They are working on ways to string together heavy attacks, but that's about it.

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Kind of off-the-wall here, but what if we can fuse cores into reactors that speed up build time?




1. Not going to say anything, I hope that never happens.

2. Nightmare mode is the best we gonna get.

3. Eh,,, I don't know.

4. My alternative is what I would prefer.

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