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Glitched Wall-Run Loot Room (Corpus Ship)


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Some reason, my Warframe has serious trouble trying to run up THIS wall, even though she'll run up any other wall in the level.




In this room, you're supposed to run up the wall near the lockers, flip over onto the other wall, run up it, flip back to the first wall, run up it, and then flip onto a ledge where there's a few lockers and several breakable containers.


For some reason, Nyx here refused to "grab" the wall and run up it, she'd just jump up against it and then roll when she hit the ground. To get her to run up that wall I had to tap the Jump key repeatedly until she grabbed ahold of it and hope I didn't tap it too many times (causing her to jump off as soon as she grabbed it).


Took quite a few minutes to successfully reach that loot room because of this.


I tested several other walls in this level, sprinting at the wall, jumping and holding down the spacebar, she grabbed every single wall, locker, crate in the level except this singular wall.

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