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Did They Lower Resource Mat Drop Rates In U9?


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I haven't noticed this until just lately, but it seems like those little blue canisters just don't drop anymore all that often.


This normally wouldn't be a problem for me, but I'd like to make an Acrid now that I can finally do so, and... I'm 20 samples short, and after doing 5 missions of Jupiter and only getting 2, I can't help but to feel that they lowered the drop rate of these things or something.


I'm more curios than anything, seems like every time I go to Mercury or Earth, I get 1-2 Detonite per mission. Fieldron? 1-3 per mission if I go to a Corpus planet.


Mutagen Samples, though....


Seems like I'm forced to go to Jupiter (Eris is a bit too high just yet), and just pray they drop. More often than not, though, I'll come up dry, despite the mass numbers of mobs I have to kill to get through a mission (because Infested are kinda like that).


I think perhaps Mutagen Samples could be increased a tad given that there's only two planets that can give you these. Or, give them to another planet too so we've got more of a choice of where to get them.

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No, they lowered them back before U8.


It is possible they've lowered them again, but it would be difficult to prove.


Its just I remember getting 5-10 per run... and now its maybe 1 or 2... usually none.


Unless its Detonite, then God Knows I get no less than 2 per M Prime lol.

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