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Ember Getting A Buff? (Suggestion)


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So if I remember correctly, Ember is on the list of Warframes-to-be-buffed, and I have a few suggestions for Scott...


I read the Rhino 8.3 feedback thread, and I remember in the "Scott's Comments" part, he said this: "It didn't make sense to have two powers that had mostly the same result. So combining these true powers created a true ultimate for Rhino."


I have similar thoughts for Ember... Overheat and World on Fire are very similar. Not as similar as Stomp and Radial Blast were, but still similar nonetheless. I would love to see those two powers mashed together on Ember, along with some armor ignore (Like every amazing Ult in the game has) to make it viable for late game enemies. I would also love to see it target more than three enemies, however, if it does get changed to ignore armor, it'll be killing fast enough that three enemies will be just fine. If a slight damage nerf is required to make it armor ignore, I'm fine with that.


The only problem mashing these abilities would present is finding the proper ability duration. I wouldn't mind seeing WoF work for longer, but my biggest issue with it is how useless it is against level 40 grineer or above, while my fellow Rhino's and Nova's are anihilating everything simply because their abilites ignore armor.


In place of overheat, I and probably many other Ember fans would love to see Kril's Fire Wave attack on Ember... I know its a lot like Ice wave, and for that matter, slash dash and Rhino charge as well, but it would just be soooo awesome!


Also, considering half of Embers abilities require her to run around to deal damage (just her ult if DE takes my suggestion though), it would be very nice if Ember were a little faster, that way we could get more out of her ult.


Its just that, Ember is a very power oriented frame, and she's also very squishy. So needless to say, I'll be wanting to fully mod out her powers as well as her shields and health (not armor though, that would be useless...) leaving me with no room at all for a sprint mod... I know ember isn't the slowest frame, but she certainly feels below average to me. 


Anyways, that's my suggestion for Embers buff. Maybe Scott already has something in mind, in which case I cant wait to see it. For any DE staff reading it, thank you for your time, and to the players... thoughts and suggestions? (I seem to always end my threads with those three words... xD)

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Sounds good, I only hope Fireblast gets the love it deserves right now.  It's buggy as hell with the Stretch "buff" (which I swear could be a host/client visual bug), and does craptastic damage now.  The ONLY time it does/did even remotely decent was when it fit in a Vauban Bastille or a Frost globe where they took some good ticks of damage from it.  Now they either don't take ANY damage unless in the original smash area, or they just walk through and scream: "I SMELL DELICIOUS!!!!" and proceed to maul you.

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If Ember is getting a 'buff', I'd prefer that they do something with Fire Blast (which is basically World on Fire but worse).


And also, buff Fireball significantly into some sort of incendiary rocket launcher instead of a tiny campfire.

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