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Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

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I'll keep repeating this 'til I stop seeing: Teleport should not be the ability that triggers the animations for Bladestorm.
Teleport has its own functionality and its own amazing augment. If I'd really want to jump in the animation, why not use Bladestorm again on a marked target?

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Looks good overall. Can't say I care for the Quake augment change either way, but it'll stop the complaints about player not knowing how and when to use quake without exposing themselves. That's something.

I hope you'll eventually allow some, or ideally all of her non-ultimates to be cast while on the move. I know that's mostly an animation issue, and that department is always busy, but Banshee, just like Mag, is one of the frames that could really use the change.


Alright, some comments on Zephyr' changes.

Could the DiveBomb part of the new Tailwind be cast at an angle? It's a pretty big limitation to have to be directly above an enemy. Being able to cast Divebomb at an angle of up to 45% would go a long way in making it useable in medium enclosed tilesets.

Is there any change to how TailWind/DiveBomb applies damage in the new version? Right now, Tailwind has a guaranteed slash proc that applies to enemies in a small radius, but the radius is so small that it's essentially unnoticeable. Could this effect be increased in both range and damage, possibly to a base damage + %enemy health type?

As far as the Dive Bomb effect goes, the effect is similarly unnoticeable because the base range is just too small to act as crowd control. Is it possible to tweak the damage calculation upwards and make it less dependent on height? I'd like to see it do a high amount of damage at a very small radius, simulating the act of 'picking off' of prey Hawks engage in. It's not like Zephyr's able to do much immediately after the Divebomb, having to spend half a second to get back into action, at which time the enemy is already in the process of getting back up.

Overall it looks like a steep improvement, although the base effect of her new ability sounds awfully generic. Would i be possible to at least allow players some kind of control over how the ability is applied? Something like a hold to charge mechanic that makes the burst faster and stronger, but decreases its range. I'd have to be a fast charge, about 1 second from base to max speed/power to keep the gameplay smooth.

After more deliberation and reading, one thought caught my eye over everything else. Tornado is an ability with a long duration, so if you're running around from place to place, you end up having to leave them behind a lot. Is making Tornado it recastable in the cards at all?

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Thanks for the info.


The Mag changes seem...


Okay, now that I read through it, it sounds bad in this one spot: 

46 минут назад, [DE]Connor сказал:

Shards created by Polarize now scale... as well as the percentage of damage done to that specific enemy

So imagine lv20 enemies. Polarize one-shots them. Shards scale to max.

Imagine lv100 enemies. Polarize deals like 1% of their health. Shards almost don't scale.

I understand it's still a flat buff cuz of Power Strength scaling, but COME ON you can't actually mean that Shards get less effective the higher the mission level is.


Her ult change just seems like a yet another bandaid. At least I hope it heals Mag's own Shields. (would also be nice if it could create Overshields, that'd be neat, but probably too much)

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It's bandaid, not bandade.
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My main concern is Atlas's energy requirements have been upped significantly. Chroma's change is Interesting but if you're doing that to spectral scream you just admitted the 'slow walking' attack is not good, so give that to atlas too. Can you make Atlas use shattering impact for landslide?

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Well its gonna take time to adapt too. 

But in a way those are not always exactly nerf but more of in the change area.

Some of them seems like they can also be rly strong.

Vex armor benefits ally. real question is does it stack with other chroma ? 

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Interesting... will add more to this post....


Alright, first and foremost Ash;


I loved Ash for 32% of 4,600 hours before the Bladestorm rework. It was not even about the damage or p42w spam, it was the fact I could do things like have really fast melee speed, a channeling speed mod, and arcanes that allowed me to speed up bladestorm so I wasnt stuck in the animation. What the rework did was take my ability to speed up bladestorm and get back into action actually playing the game away from me. I literally put Ash on the shelf as a result. His stealth was the shortest in the game, his 1 isnt very good, and his 3 is single target instagib. Not much reason to use him.


The proposal for reworking Ash's 4 now to not take you out of combat essentially gives me back the ability to use Ashs 4 and stay in the game. Thats great! Not perfect, marking targets is stil just a wiggle of the mouse and doesnt really synergize with anything other than having a reduced energy cost when using smoke screen but the proposed change might actually let me use Ash again without wanting to bang my head off a wall waiting for bladestorm to finish the odd time I do actually use it.




Rubble only comes from petrified enemies. If this is the case, then you are absolutely required to use petrify which is... I'm struggling to find anything good to say about it. Does not sound like a good way to make his landslide or petrify any better. The mechanic afterwards is good, getting extra health and armor is always good, but the steps you have to go through to get it just seems underwhelming. Maybe I'm just not understanding this or theres a sentence mission from the OP but does rubble only get generated from petrified enemies?


If so, perhaps a small tweak so landslide kills generate rubble no matter if they are petrified or not.


Changes to petrify also sound underwhelming but it might be a case of "try before you knock it"


I dont patricularly use Atlas all that much but one thing I do remember is that bulwark was kinda lame as an ability in general so I guess having petrify increase its speed and damage might be useful?


Rumblers getting health from being yelled at..errr...having petrify used on them.. A lot of the Atlas rework sounds like forced synergy. You shoud be using the rumblers to assist you in killing but to help them kill more and last longer you need to take yourself out of the killing and yell at the rumblers to heal them. Appreciate the effort but I'll just let them die and recast instead of stopping killing.




About bloody time you guys did something about quakecheese. Actually shows you guys are thinking about how to get rid of 1-button-win frames. Thanks!




Spectral scream changes sound OK, its a 1 ability so I never expect it to be too fabulous. Not turning Chroma into a slow motion low damage target is much approved. Letting this ability finally take advantage of the Vex Armor Fury bonus should help it get a bit more use too.


I'm a bit drawn on the changes to vex armor. On one hand, yeah its good that the damage calculation is being "fixed" and that theres now a reason to build for range on vex armor builds to benefit the squad, on the other hand if Chromas damage output gets reduced its like... I run Chroma when I have a very high health and armor target that needs to die now, and thats being taken away. Oh well I guess?




Whatever. No seriously, whatever. The low level Ember mission cheese is just gonna switch to Equinox who doesnt get a range penalty over time.


Only thing I can suggest regarding Ember is a change to her 4's augment to remove the rework changes you made and instead have the augment half the damage and increase the number of enemies it cant target with the CC ability.


Ember is not viable late game, doubling the damage and halving the range does not help with that. The only thing she was good at late game was some CC (which other frames can do better) Armor scaling prevents WoF from being viable late game, doubling its damage does nothing to help it against ridiculous levels of armor.




Alright so, mass vitrify only gets more health from enemies it glosses over. So if its cast and there arent enemies getting glassed it gains no bonus. How does this even help? You literally need to stop and wait for a clustertruck of enemies to be in your face before casting or get nothing.


It also scales off health and armor? Base armor is tragic on her so thats not gonna be much help. I wont even bother using armor mods on any frame with less than 300 armor so any boost there is null. Health... I would have to see how much of a boost MV gets from health before I could determine wether or not this is any good.




No. I will not touch this frame. I dont even care what changes are made to her, unless I have a headshot aim glide riven challenge I will never use her.




I use volt for speed and shields. Thats all. I cant really comment on an ability change when I ignore the ability altogether. Discharge, unless it hits enemies tightly packed together, does nothing but stall gameplay for me and I don't like it.




Combining her 1 and 2 is a good thing. Thanks! Still a bit lackluster and unless it gets some kind of range boost or damage boost its probably just going to be another "meh" first ability except when it comes to movement speed boosting in large areas.


Air Burst, sounds a bit like Banshees first ability. Nice that it can increase the size of tornados though. Though I do wonder if it will work to increase the size of the 4th abilities augment small tornados?


Tornado is getting the puddle treatment! That might be good, lets you actually hit enemies that are fluttering around. Not sure how well the elemental tweak is going to work though, by the sounds of things Tigris Prime, Opticor, Snipers etc. will basically be required to change elements of the tornados?


Would suggest a chromatic blade-ish effect where your energy color effected the damage type of the tornado and hitting the tornado with extra elements added secondary element status to the tornado. Could synergize tornados with an excal running chromatic blade and condition overload.


I'll probably revisit this post when I'm not dead tired and clean it up with information I can derive from the Vod.

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You did veru little to help with Mag. The little "buffs" you gave don't help with her problems. Your additions are fine, but she needs more. Pull ragdolls enemies across the map instead of what it's supposed to do. Polarize STILL doesn't scale. Bring back percentage based removal. Allow Mag to also hold to pull directly to her and tap to ragdoll.

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Please give Chroma a real passive.

Make spectral scream able to toggle the elements (instead of energy color with current passive) in addition to the changes outlined here - tap to toggle and hold to activate.

I don't mind 'fixing' vex armor as such, but the aura element won't be that usefull since most build Chroma for duration, often at the cost of range.

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The sequence would be 4 to mark then 4 to execute... and if 4 is pressed again during execute it is the invulnerable participation.

Teleport... costs energy... and has to be aimed and keyed

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What a nice add to banshee and embers skills, 
Banshees quake and embers world on fire has been imo a big fun killer for most part,i love how it has been changed.
Thanks so much for the changes, Especially the ash one!

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Buffs are good, "nerfs" are fair.

Commenting specifically on Volt, but part of the problem with his kit is how heavily he relies on all ability stats. The suggestion I've seen bandied around and absolutely agree with is that Discharge should expand based on duration. The proposed damage falloff and a mechanic to prevent enemies being stunned at long range would prevent this from being overpowered.

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