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Oh No You Don't! (Squad Management)


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A: Requires 2 to end the mission : therefore half the team agreed to rush, therefore.. you and perhaps the one other would either be equally at odds, or you'd actually be the one getting the boot. Either it's a tie, or your out, either way they are in the right to rush. 


B.) Meh, all this means is let the pod go early on and get together with another group. The more people like this you run into, the more oppertunity you have to talk to people whom aren't doing - just this. Befriend them, make full groups of talented individuals come together and work in the way you desire.


C.) Farming harms none. The game doesn't shut down when they leave, just means get to extraction without them.


Reasoning: This topic is overdone and not a thing you can do about it really.


Offering a setting button to preset yourself to "Hey I'm a rusher" - "I'm a farmer LF x" - "I'm .. well.. a killer." wouldn't solve much as how many people would actually bother to set themselves to what they are? Even if it became a requirement you'd have plenty just press the first button and do what they are feeling like doing anyway. Making it rely on your stats would restrict more than just rushers and slam people who normally go slow wanting to rush - being in a situation with a group that doesn't want to rush. No automation would help in the long run, no self selection will go un-abused.


Offering a boot/ignore system would just be abused, no way around that.  - Clarification : You'd have your share ignoring people whom have done nothing wrong, who just had a spat, you'd have a ton of valid hosts ignoring you for rushing that way one time you were in a bad mood, for that one comment, or just cause they didn't like your warframe choice / weapon choice, and seriously - blacklisting one person across hundreds of thousands/millions of players? Won't help.. it just won't.


The only other alternative is if they release a new Hosting system in which the Host is in total control. Yay.. that.. won't be abused either..


Best solution I've seen thus far in all threads and all prior games? : Offering yourself the perk of befriending the good for future games and actually ignoring the bad until your in your premade groups = Profit. Just the truth of it.


*starts slow clap*

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