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Fall Of The Tenno


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Sentients; a powerful race that destroyed the Orokin during a great war centuries ago. Forced into hiding the Tenno sought refuge in remote space, hoping the Sentients would never find them. After the destruction and eradication of the Orokin, the Sentients vanished. The Grineer: a proud military faction took this opportunity to take control of the solar system. Flourishing throughout the stars nothing could stop their disgustingly large numbers..  Corpus: a merchant faction built on the fundamentals that money makes the world spin, in the absence of the Tenno they too took advantage and began to expand their numbers and greed.

Now, you know all this Tenno, so why am I telling you once again? I’m telling you so you may take refuge or choose to fight. The Sentients are back and ready to eradicate you and your fellow Tenno. These enemies are nothing like you have fought before… They are faster than anything you could imagine, they have enough strength in a single body to destroy a fomorian class ship, they have powers… just like you.


Tenno, you are no longer the hunter, you are now the hunted.




This idea for an update is built primarily around the Sentients and the lore behind them. Who they are and why they attacked the Orokin would be answered through episodic cut scenes. This update also brings multiple new enemies into the mix, alongside them a unique tile set ready to be explored. During this update it's a situation of do or die, the update would have to include dynamic events where if we did not fight back hard enough the Sentients would start to appear outside of their normal areas. These Sentient idea below would have to use the same idea behind the Stalker, an enemy that is similar to the Tenno and have powers to back itself up, just no dynamically popping up.


Appearance:  Almost glass like figures, they have veins throughout their body that glow blue, and resemble prime warframes. Think Prime frames with silver and see-through bodies. The average Sentient is slightly taller than our frames, they stand tall and almost robotic.

Weapons: Floating pieces held together by a technology we can’t understand, these weapons fire fast and pierce through targets.  Unlike their owners these weapons are not glass-like, but more alive it seems (These weapons have a dynamic animation where they look like they almost breath and move, giving them a natural look to an unnatural shape).

Behavior: Aggressive and cunning these beings will use their bodies’ powers to turn the tide of battle whenever they get the chance.





Sentient Scout:

-Looks: Thin, fragile, and almost broken look to them.  (Think glass with a crack through it) Flowing (dangly bits) coat.

-Sex: Female appearance

-Weapons of choice:

1. Two rapid fire pistols. These rounds cause a small slow down effect and eat away at shield.

2. A rifle that has the same effect as a rail moa’s rail gun.

-Sentient powers:

1. Teleport (teleports to get close with her pistols)

2. Shield crush (Destroys frame’s shields while rejuvenating her own)


Sentient Aggressor:

-Looks: Muscular, tall, and large. Parts of body are reinforced with silver looking body armor.

-sex: Male appearance

-Weapons of choice:

1. A large LMG which use rounds that stun often.

2. Fists.

-Sentient powers:

1. Ally boost (Similar to Rhino’s roar)

2. Radial smash (An AOE of destruction)


Sentient Spy:


-Looks: Average sized body.  Cloaked body, most see-through of all the Sentients.

-sex: Male appearance

-Weapons of choice:

1. a spear capable of hitting more than one target at once

2. Large revolver with electrocuting rounds

-Sentient powers:

1. Cloak (Cloaks to hide location)

2. Clone (Makes a duplicate of self that can move independently but fires blanks)



These ideas are still a rough draft and will stay as such intill I can get a better idea on how they should look. I should have drawings up sometime soon. Also, if you believe these sound too overpowered, good, they should. Imagine fighting a pack of Stalkers, all with their own unique powers ready to rip you a new one. 



Constructive criticism and ideas are always welcome.




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