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Dojo "mine"


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The Ideas that I have are in very "beta" form that would be applied in most likely a very different manor then they are described, I would love to start discussions and maybe even see something like them implemented into the game in later times.



-Dojo "mine"


A dojo mine is something that would be more complicated for me to describe than probably how I intend it would turn out, so please bare with me here.


-> Maximum 1 per dojo

-> could generate a certain material based on the rates of the materials set now, once per 6 hours (rate are as applied, 1-2 rares, 300-600 uncommon and 2000-4000 common)

-> the rarity of the items collected are based on the contribution of the clan members. (this is the more complicated part), One person or even a group of people would contribute any amount of resource (maximum 1 rare, 150 uncommon and 1000 common) at a time, only 1 rarity at a time too. This then would judge which rarity of resource would hence come from the mine

-> said resource would then be added to the clan vault for later use in the building of the dojo


-----To put this all into an example-----


Say clan ____ needed some ferrite to build a room, they would then go to their clan "mine" and insert 1000 ____ common resources to prioritize the mining of common materials (this would all be randomly generated, so the clan ____ would be taking a chance on the mine, because who knows, they might get poly. bundles)


after 6 hours the mine would then generate any common resource from the mine ranging from the normal drop rates as i already listed, or in other words they would get randomly a common resource that would be ranging from 2000-3000 of the resource.


This can also be applied to a rare situation, if they need a morphics or something they could put in a orikin cell or something, but i must state again, they would be taking a chance because they could possibly get something else




Now you may be asking, why so little resources for 6 hours of mining?.

This process of mining would be a very AFK style of collecting resources, the only work needed would be the work of getting the initial resource and making the mine itself (which could be cost variant, it would possibly cost a lot to make).

And maybe the mine would generate more, depending on how the community really would like to see it added, or even how DE would like to see it be added.




Now if anyone can truly decipher what i have posted about my idea, please discuss with me how this could be improved or what you're thoughts are on it :)

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just put all the resource into clan vault....

what do you mean by this? I stated that the resources collected from the "mine" would be deposited into the vault. unless you have another idea for this? feedback is always appreciated :)

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