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Nyx changes, create small army, create a rage and chaos.

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Maybe it's not a time for NYX but I hope DE will save it and look at it later.

Right now with nyx you can ignore Strength and go full overextended, because all of her abilities doesn't have negative effect of low strength (40%), which it should exist on all Warframes.

Mind Control - maximum targets in Mind control 4, first target energy cost 25, second target 50, third target 75, and fourth target cost 100 energy.

Psychic bolts, no longer deals damage. Change to "Psychic Rage" This make all hit targets to go RAGE MODE glowing with red aura and red eyes, 300% damage buff and 30% movement speed affected by strength. Rage mind controlled targets are on your side, but enemies not affected by it, randomly attack everything in rage (Like a mini chaos but with rage mode). Enemies affected by Psychic rage lose 0,5% health per second, This also resets duration of Mind Control if you hit with it mind controlled enemies.

Chaos - I think its OverPowered ability, that makes Mind Control useless. Maximum targets: 20 (affected by strength) this is still a good amount but you can't ignore strength anymore.

Abosrb - Damage absorbed is % stacked affected by power strength into damage on releasing/detonating absorb.

1.You can mind control more than one target, now up to 4, so you can create your own small army like old times, but with more energy cost.
2.Psychic bolts were useless dealing almost none damage and stun was useless because of chaos existing. Changed to Psychic Rage, scaling damage with enemies, because they are dealing damage to themselves, but its risky because raged targets can take you as a victim.
3.Chaos now have limited amount of targets, so you need to use other abilities to survive by using other abilities to make chaos, Rage mode targets and mind controlled army.
4.Absorb now can deal a great damage with power strength mods.

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So basically nerf Nyx huh? How about no? Forcing to use strength  build makes a massive dent into energy consumption and subsequently range. No point in that. 

Mind Control proposal. Controlling 4 enemies with dumb AI instead of 1 dumb AI makes no difference whatsoever. They would still run towards nearest cover to duck and hide. and 200 energy for 4 mind controls? You sure about that? With strength build in mind?

Psychic Bolts (Psychic Rage) proposal is ok. Sure why not. Basically any change is good, since current ability is such trash. Although for me it would be an uncanny reminder of Nekros' Shadows of the Dead. And how many times we have to remind that those enemy-enemy damage numbers ain't enough in current grand scheme of things (Armor scale is just too OP). It would take like a minute for lvl 100 Heavy gunner to kill a fellow Heavy gunner even under 300% buff. Need proof? Try Mind Freak augment. 

Chaos Proposal. I'm sorry but how's Chaos OP? Confusion is literally one of the weakest types of CC. Enemies could still attack you. And they will attack you. Yeah Chaos range is good. But you know which CC ability range is also good? IDK maybe mighty Rhino Stomp? It's better in any way. Enemies don't shoot you for whole 10 seconds or so. That's 100% damage reduction for ya. That's why you'd never  see Nyx in raid where CC is useful for team. But seeing Rhino is almost a given. How About Vauban's Bastille or Volt's Discharge? Mind Control still has a point against Chaos and it's Ancient Healer 

Absorb Proposal. It's already being affected by Power Strength, isn't it? Maybe not like you proposed but whatever? Believe me, shoving power strength even more won't make it a go to nuke ability like all you people want. Don't be naive. It's ok right now, it serves it's purpose well IMO.

Overall I don't see how making Nyx Power Strength depended would make her any better. Yet I can see how it would make her even worse. So far no Nyx buff/revisit proposal took a direction towards synergising her kit. Which is a shame really. Instead of somehow buffing Mind Control effect after using Chaos on enemies (Which you should expect since you've potentially wasted 200 energy on mind control) you've chosen to hinder Chaos. And it wasn't the greatest ability to begin with. 

TL;DR I get more nerf vibes than rework/buff vibes.

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