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Mars Olympus Bug?


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So today I got to Mars, Olympus with my Rhino. I choose Online gameplay but nobody enters so I'd just click play. And so the mission begins.

What amuses me is that all the corpus hunt me down instead of the Warframe Cryo Pod. I mean, sometimes I left the pod to go downwards / upwards to get energy orbs / mods / etc, but when this happens, everybody shoot at me. I saw the pod was left there unnoticed. I mean, they can destroy the pod but they came after me. The pod never went down from 100% (except one time a Corpus with a sword smashed on the pod. Killed him and nothing else shoots at it, even moas).

Fortunately I have my Iron Skin so no problem. When I finished at Wave 5, the reward is Split Chamber, my most wanted mod.

Well thanks for the Split Chamber!!! But the problem I encounter above, should it be a bug or is it normal?

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That is indeed a bug. A few updates ago they made it so that mobs would have even MORE aggro to the pod than before and would now start swarming it...

Ikr? They didn't attack the pod. Moa came very near to the pod and turned its head to me. It's just so close to the pod. But I'm quite pleased on the mod. Couldn't be more grateful. Thanks for the mod.

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