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Counting On Maxing Serration



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From 1 to 10? Around 1000.




Someone had to spend like 200 cores, a bunch of which were Rare 10-3 and Uncommon 10-5 to max Serration, on Youtube. Find the video yourself.


Only ones like that which I've seen were just for the last level on it (so from 9 to 10)

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I need to know the exact calculation and number of how much common fusion core mods needed to max out the serration from rank 1 to 10. Is it possible? If not, how many years have you spent to level up that mod?


The easiest thing to do so you can always know for yourself, is to know that cost doubles each rank


so, if you used X to get to rank 1, you will need 2X to get to rank 2 (from rank 1), you will need 4X to get to rank 3 from rank 2... and so on.


For duplicates, you always rank up with the first one => 1 duplicate mod to rank 1, 2 duplicates for rank 2 from rank 1, and so on

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