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Dev Workshop: Weapons, Mastery Ranks, and Stats!

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Some of these buffs sound quite exciting, but I'm not a fan of some of the weapon homogenization that seems to be going on. I prefer buffs to augment what something is good at without touching its downsides, that preserves character.

For example:

- Sobek got a normalized reload speed (4s -> 2.7s), which means using Lock'n'Load on it isn't a big enough plus anymore to consider it over standard reload mods. Which is a shame, cause the LnL Sobek (and Cycron) made me check out loadouts with two auto-reloading weapons that I just switch between. I wish there were more - not fewer - weapons that are weird enough nudge players into this fun, experimental build territory.
- many raw damage weapons got crit+status buffs (including the Seer). I feel like this category of weapons could have benefitted from a set of mods that confer big bonuses but also decrease crit and/or status by such a dramatic amount that they're pretty much only usable on raw damage weapons. Feels like a missed opportunity to me.

Of course, there's counter-examples as well. PAngstrum, Castanas and Talons for example got even more oomph but also even less ammo. I'm really looking forward to those changes.

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I'm happy with a lot of these changes, but a little bummed the Acrid hasn't been touched.  It could use some help, I think.  If just by making it an auto weapon to take better advantage of its fire rate, or lowering the fire rate and upping its damage so it doesn't need fire bound to mouse wheel to be used well.  I wouldn't turn away a buff to its status chance though, either.

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Many of these changes are gonna be very interesting, so good job in widening the meta a little.

One small note though: under the current proposed MR increases, a new player that would join after the changes were implemented would get access to a grand total of 1 bow.


Only the MK-1 Paris remains on MR0.

While I can fully understand increasing the MR of some bows, like Dread or the Daikyu, it feels to me that this somewhat kills off the bow path for newer players. And yes,
I'm aware Warframe doesn't have paths as such, but I spent a lot of my early MR days playing it sneaky with my trusty Paris or Cernos.

So please, perhaps reconsider locking the Paris to MR3, which after all will be at the very least 72 hours away from new players by design.

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