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Dev Workshop: Weapons, Mastery Ranks, and Stats!

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1 minute ago, DecadeX said:

I don't know if you've been answered yet, but generally when they change the MR requirements on weapons, if you already have the weapon, you can use it. So if a player is MR8 and just got Aklex Prime, then they can use it even after the change cause it's already in their inventory. Likewise if a weapon is directly added to your inventory (like if you bought Prime Access) you can still use it. They actually specifically mention the Dex weapons as working the same way as well.

Ah, okay. Was worried about a couple of my friends since they are still within the target range.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

EDIT: If you're a player who doesn't meet the new MR requirements for their favourite piece of equipment, don't fret! If you already own the weapon, you will be able to use it regardless of the higher MR requirement. These MR tweaks will only affect Tenno who newly acquire the weapons listed after these changes make it in-game.

Also, removed a duplicate Lex Prime entry. Its new MR is 8, not 14 as incorrectly listed.

Quoting for visibility!

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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Frenzy buff on headshot can now be refreshed while it’s active

Frenzy buff duration decreased from 6 to 2 secs

really..2 seconds is useless....even with a refresh :| make it 3 or 4 at max and it will be noticeable....

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Interesting changes. Might even shake things up.


On a similar note, are you also planning to revisit enemy health and armor scaling? Many players, myself included, think this issue should also be tackled and improved to decrease the number of bullet sponges and cheese tactics to deal with said sponges. Especially when it comes to armor and its damage reduction.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


 OMG you guys actually buffed sniper crit to be more reliable and all bows had their charge time halved with daikyu also getting crit chance buff! thankyou so much DE! holy crap i was exploding from excitement as i read that post! 

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A few things irking me.


42 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Cernos Prime

Mastery Rank increased from 8 to 12    

Charge speed increased from 1 to 0.5 secs

Status chance increased from 10% to 30%

The reload also is an issue on this weapon. It has the highest reload out of all bows which makes it feel sluggish comparing with other bows, making the reload the same as other bows would be nice.



42 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Status chance increased from 10% to 15%

Critical chance increased from 5 to 7%

Hind needs to use the alt fire button to SWITCH fire mods, not to fire, it's inconvenient and the semi auto is nothing special that justifies that (it's not an air burst like the Corinth).



43 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Mastery Rank increased from 5 to 7

Damage increased from 120 to 187

Critical damage increased from 2x to 2.5x

Mag size increased from 6 to 9

Reload speed increased from 2.1 secs to 1.7 secs

Increased accuracy while aiming

Main issue with this weapon remains, it needs multiple crit mods to still have unreliable crits. You can have a crit mod, the syndicate mod and a Riven and still not be able to reach 100% (some rivens might, some can't), that's too many slots being used to increase a stat that ultimately only hurts the weapon instead. C'mon, +5% at least?



45 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Mastery Rank increased from 5 to 7

Ammo pool decreased to 72

Why? Both Spira are solid thrown weapons and they got buffed. Fusilai has terrible accuracy, it's extremely hard to hit things further away than 15 meters, even up close the way the projectiles are thrown is so off putting that you can miss at close range, but now you barely have that much ammo to miss in an actual combat situation (this is, not 1VS1). At least make the accuracy better.


Overall I think the buffs on many low end weapons still won't save them, some like the Scourge got huge buffs which is nice, some already good weapons (like the Harpak) got buffs that might make them quite good, superior even to other options that already struggled, like the Paracyst which always felt like the status version of the Harpak but even with the previous buffs it honestly never got anywhere, and this balance patch still leaves our infested friend in the dust.


Gotta say that I'm not a fan of MR telling how strong a weapon can be, that just sounds counter productive when we have modding, it limits selection and ruins the uniqueness of some weapons as in case their MR is lower then it dictates that the weapon should be inferior. That's pretty much attaching progression to MR which makes it very unappealing to use forma on lower MR options because after all lower MR = weaker. It's understandable that powerful weapons should be obtained later and that MR can be used for that (or perhaps materials could, example being putting mats for a very strong weapon in the Kuva Fortress, the progression here is how far you can get and you are rewarded for it, sadly taxi'ing would ruin that), but ruling all weapons by that is a bit... "not good".  We honestly already have a way to gauge power, variants, Prime/Wraith/Vandal/etc, variants are superior versions, therefore they should be powerful, problem being that the way they are introduced is kinda of garbage to make tiers out of it plus there's no progression there, still those tiers should be respected.

Ultimately it just feels that MR tiers kinda of kills the point of the freedom that modding offers and how time consuming it is to make the weapons better, this is using forma and re-levelling multiple times. That's just not practical for low MR, and instead of forma'ing the Grinlok you can just grind MR for something better, or get the Harpak which despite being in the same MR tier it's vastly superior already (sure Grinlok will catch up a little but it won't be at the same level as buffed Harpak, only advantage is that the Grinlok is better at longer ranges but without zoom it limits how far you can reliably hit, so you can just bulletjump and boom, close enough, and it's not an issue in regular tilesets, most of the time the map is tight enough for the Harpak to easy ruin the enemy).

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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Status chance increased from 20% to 22%

Critical chance increased from 20% to 22%

Akmagnus crit and status are currently 25% each, not 20%.  Is it being decreased to 22% or is it going up by 2 to 27%?

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so the single Magnus is now better than the akmagnus? better crit/status way better reload with the old tradeoff of having half the mag and less attackspeed (akmagnus attackspeed was nerfed too though not listed how much...)


if Spiraprime gets buffed can we expect that the aimbug will finally be fixed so that you can hit what you aim at?


and if all bows get doubled attackspeed except for the raktacernos, can we expect a damage increase for the latter as it's tradeoff was less damage for higher firerate before?

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For the first time, i'm surprised to see buffs that actually represent almost exactly what i wished for a given weapon and what i had in mind for a very long time.

Also good job on dusting off those moraly obsolete starter / vanilla / or weapons that were released within damage 1.0 basically.

Have a few minor nitpicks for buffs that actually might be a nerf or at least an unpleasant experience: 

  • Reconsider ammo capacity nerf for secondary launchers, it's simply unneeded tbh.
  • Attica. Reconsider cutting 1/3 of the base damage just for an exchange for slightly higher CD multipler, this "trade-off" is very one sided.
  • Reconsider decreasing reload speed on such weapons as Akmagnus and Akvasto, it's simply unneeded tbh [2].
  • Dual Toxocyst. Reconsider 2 sec buff duration, sometimes i wonder do you realise how short 2s. span actually is. Secondly, the buff itself is not stackable like Knell or Arca Scisco, therefore it doesn't have a decaying property. For Knell/Scisco if you lose the buff window you're loosing 1 stack/level of a buff, Toxocyst will be losing the buff entirely while having the smaller buff window, this simply doesn't adds up to your balancing logic thay you trying to push.
  • Hema. CC makes no difference whatsoever, it feels like it's done just to reach some paper DPS treshhold you have set yourself, honestly Flight Speed or Aimed Accuracy buff wouldn't hurt.
  • Stradavar. Automatic recoil is not the issue, Semi-Auto recoil is.
  • Harpak. Slight Flight Speed buff please.
  • Paracyst. Slight Flight Speed buff please.
  • Boltor Prime / Telos Boltor. Slight Flight Speed buff please.
  • Grinlok. Firerate is still at 1.67 rps, you buffed Sniper firerate with PoE, so why a hybrid assault/sniper rifle is still at 1.67 and still underperforms as an assault rifle and as a sniper rifle.
  • Javlok. It had basically the same "mag size + reload speed"-values as Grinlok (6 mag size + 2.1(2) reload speed), so how & why it ended up with only slight Reload Speed buff, when Grinlok got exactly what it needed for those 2 stats. So there are actual QoL-changes that will greatly improve Grinlok usage experience and done totally right, and there's Javlok QoL that will barely be significant. Make it at least 8 rounds + 1.8(9)s reload for Javlok.
  • Twin Gremlins. Either forward it to raw damage+status or push crit-hybrid to the end, i.e. CD multiplier is still at 1.5, so it feels like it's another jack of all trades, but master of none.
  • (Secura) Dual Cestra. First of all RECOIL, just.. please.. lower the recoil, they are still have very perceptible recoil even with Steady Hands on. Where's ammo max buff? So now they will have 120 mag size with 210 ammo reserve, that even cuts off third magazine, just why. I won't suggest the numbers here, since i believe you guessed what should be done there..(*cough* Viper-series got ammo max buff but other SMG alike secondaries not *cough*).
  • Fusilai. Any valid reasoning behing max ammo cut?
  • (Mara) Detron. If this one is true (link), please fix the formula, because otherwise status chance buff will barely make a difference and even would be not the optimal direction to buff these weapons: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7vk8a8/projectile_shotgun_status_chance_oddness_why_the/
    You succeeded in fixing the Quartakk shotgun formula and made it a relatively strong weapon, i don't see the why it can not be done here, othewise (again) i'm not seeing status chance buff as a buff.
  • Vectis / (Vandal) Snipetron. Slight recoil decrease please? Not to Rubico/Vulkar levels, but again at least a slight decrease would be nice.
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more nitpicks / wording
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17 minutes ago, IronWolfKnight said:

I wonder how long it's going to take until chicken littles start cherry picking some of the stats in this long list of buffs, assert them as "nerfs" and then start straw manning DE by making rant posts about how apparently DE only nerfs things. Not long I'd wager.

Wait 'til Tactical Potato makes a video about this. Then they will appear.

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