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Dev Workshop: Weapons, Mastery Ranks, and Stats!

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As a new player I feel like the changes to the Mastery Rank to all Prime weapons really hurts us new players.  I am unable to trade for them (so out trading experience is halved), and I cannot build them even if I some how get a set through relics. I feel like I am now forced to either play 100s of hours until I can finally use this cool weapon which have been sitting in my inventory, or spend real world money for the ones that come in the Prime Access packs.  

I know there are dozens of other weapons to play with, which are fun. But, I feel like at this point, this change only hurts new players, and we are needlessly being hurt. Other than this, I having a blast and am still enjoying the game. 

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A lot of these changes feel rather arbitrary. Changes for changes sake. And some stats seem rather inconsistent with the overall pattern, like several high RoF bullet hoses sit on a crit chance in the upper 20's, while the precision setting on the Argonak stays on the same level. The Daikyu was also handed a moist one compared to the other bows. Why? Not enough time? Bias? 

I also feel the need to once again lament the mastery increase. In many cases, the mastery tests don't reflect actual challenges in the game, and were constructed before a lot of new frames, features and mechanics were added. On top of that, some tests require minute movement, which is nigh impossible to do with joint or neurologic ailments. The test environment is problematic as well, with platforms blending into the background and a vertigo-inducing endless sky. I'm now stuck at MR10 and the last few tests and their endless rehearsals and failed attempts resulted in actual physical pain, dizziness and nausea, to the point where I feel an aversion to entering the test environment. For the same reason, I don't use the simulacrum.

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On 2018-07-18 at 1:18 PM, Rhymontic said:

I hope they revisit the Sibear melee weapon, 30000 Cryotic to build!! I hope I'm not the only one feeling the grind

Yes, that was indeed a horrible grind, for a rather disappointing weapon.

Considering it's description, name and cost,
it should at least have a high status chance, with the added ability to cause freeze procs on enemies.
Because all it does now, is gather dust in my arsenal (not selling something that had caused so much blood sweat and tears - even if it's horrendous).

Most definately agree, it could use some love.

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