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Feedback After Getting A Bit Used To The Game


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Loved the game enough to buy some platinum. Which leads me to first feedback : It seems a bit low to limit the number of warframes / weapons i can keep. Trust me, anyone who enjoys the game will buy platinum for even the sake of coloring. Spending 200 platinum just to be able to store all warframes seems a bit forced.

- Let us be able to choose our best frames / weapons at later times :(


Chat system. I would put this as one of top priority things. It's a multiplayer game, communication in a clan is a must.

- be able to show chat timestamps

- be able to click player names to invite them in games

- make sure player list is consistent. I can see the guy writing but he is not in chat list so i can invite him

- clan list / player list consistency. I can see him in clan list but not in player list in chat

- contact window bugs out a lot. If you try to add someone and he also ads, dropdown jumps to invalid location, can't scroll anymore, if i accept 1 he's invitation, my invitation will be left there pending forever...


Diminishing returns. Almost all games have these. Try to get cornered with 3 grineer balls + harpoon fighters while having amo depleted. You are practically dead due to the knockbacks. I can live with the fact that it's realistic to keep getting poked but meantime to not be able to put 1 bullet in the weapon to defend myself ? I'm a teeno not noobo !

- Add diminshing returns. If you get knocked over 3 times in a row then the next 3 seconds you become immune.


Lags. It happens a lot and it has the stranges ever effects. For example i can't open a dor. Objects are levitating in air. Energy not regenerating. i can run to the exit without taking any dmg( this one i can somehow understand ).

- at least let the doors open + make energy regen from my own aura if not from others / globes


Lags 2. The strategy to find public games is to spam the hell out of the join mission button. First 10 times it says my ping is too high to join any games, but then magically i instantly find a game with 3 players and almost 0 latency.

- the algorithm should be swapped out. Instead measuring latency with warframe servers, maybe measure it between players ? Or make the statistics based on more then 1 packet ? The current one works completely based on random.


Error codes. Sometimes the error codes are just wtf. Random message for not being able to join other people game. Don't get me wrong, i appreciate a lot more then simply getting a number like error code. Text is good. Just make the text somehow related to the state of the issue. The generic "party is full" message could be improved to let one of the players know which one needs to relog to fix the issue. At least 1 would alt+f4 instead the whole 4 players.

- a bit more specific codes instead generic ones would improve the situation


Crafting / buying weapons. Not very important, but would be ok to mark weapons that will not give me mastery XP. Actually crafted to 0 my resources when i realized i can't level mastery with the same weapon over and over. lol on me.

- mark somehow weapons that you gain no more XP from


Drop chances. Some are just odd. Sometimes you keep finding just the thing you are not looking for. Last month i found warframe systems over and over again, now i can't seem to find 1.

- don't have a solution, i just wish if i make 100 void maps then i would get at least frost prime system :)


Op warframes. It's just funny to see some of the endgame players carry other 3 players in some matches. 1 nova with ogris obliterating everything, you just run after the guy and try to pick up what is left behind. I wish some warframes would have specific purpuses and they would get some compensation for it. It's a shooter game, 1 guy shoots everything and all is left for you to have the parkhour tour. The ranking system is based on kills, but once a nova marks the enemies, she will get 99% of the kills = no ranking for the others.

- game should scale a bit better with number of players. Some abilities to stack with other players abilities, so it takes 1.5 nova to chain kill everything on xini instead 1 soloing it.


Strange kills. For example, with mag ultimate, you kill half of the map, but some mobs are simply untouched. Might be a targetting glitch, or maybe new mobs get spawned too close ? Which leads to the spawning bug with nova, if you chain kill too many mobs at once, somehow spawning gets bugged and you get sometimes just half of the spawns as you would have by killing in a small spot ( at least XP and loot stats say so )

- don't make new spawns too close to the player ?


Endgame. Hardly anyone plays endgame missions. If i try to solo, they are quite hard, easy to get oneshotted, in some situations you get spawns both in front and back of you and you can't even back up to snipe them 1 by 1. If others join then the map turns into a runtothefinishline conquest.

- difficulty scale for 1 player games and 4 player games should be adjusted


defense missions. At the end you wish you could have had a few seconds to pick up mods. Ex : on wave 5 at the last mob kill mission instantly ends and you will not be able to pick up the mod it dropped.

- add a few seconds before game ends. Make counter between new wave a bit smaller when choosing reward.


waiting at the end of the map for finish. The damn trolls. yesterday i met like 5 games when the noob just stands in front of the finish line running in circle ( or climbing some mountain then jumping like superman ) to annoy me and not ending the map.

- the improvement for the counter to start when half of the team is at the finish line is great, maybe if 1 player reaches it could start the counter. Or just be able to leave the map when you reach the finish without waiting for others


exterminate maps. I hate when i need to abandon the map because some mob is stuck in a wall and can't kill him. I can hear he's noise, i can see him on the map, but i can't kill him. So, i increase my quit rate, which hurts my Epeen. You can also get this bug in defense maps when mob gets stuck below the artifact.

- somehow detect bugged mobs. If he can't attack me and i'm near him then delete him ?


drops that drop in chasm. why o why does the energy orbs, mods... drop between chasm ? I can imagine it's hard to detect when they drop between pipes or boxes that can't be reached. But chasm ?

- if player would fall forever on that spot then don't drop loot there


endless falls. Sometimes when you fall down and you are teleported back, you are teleported on the very edge where you fall again. Same issue if you fall down inside doors. you will be teleported into the door and keep falling over and over again

- maybe just teleport to a player that is not loop falling ?


visual bugs. Ancients with arms that cross the whole map, spells without visuals ( bastile, null star.... ) makes you recast them.

- advise users to upgrade video driver xD


caster style. Weapons are a must. If you try to spec as caster class and meet a disrupting ancient, you are doomed.

- maybe don't force players to use something specific. Sandbox style is the new style.


wtf lol prices. Some prices are just strange. 300 platinum for double XP weekend? aaaa, sure, maybe if it would take forever. You have an ingame anouncement that advises you to leave the game after 1 hour. That is like 2 long missions. 300 platinum ? Hmm, ok. 30 platinum for 3000 salvage? 90 platinum for 30k credits ? wow, 2 map runs ...compare that with finding 1 frost prime system when a ( catalyst + warframe + warframe slot ) costs only 400 platinum.

- this is not an issue, just makes me smile sometimes. Somehow you managed to balance weapons well, but can't estimate what 1% drop chance is in a void map compared to 1-2 map runs to get a simple component.



Keep up the good work !

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A lot of the feedback seem to be based on bugs and glitches. I do agree that the game needs better scaling to player number though. Prior to U9 the game was perfectly balanced for soloing, but WAY too easy for co-op. After U9 the game is too hard for solo, and STILL too easy for co-op. If games like Borderlands 2 and Diablo 3 can have a level scaling system, why can't Warframe? DE clearly has the capability of doing so considering they managed to make Vor scale.

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