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Weapon Passive Abillity


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TL:DR At the end quote, scroll down for it

Hello fellow Tenno


Once again, i come here to suggest you some of my ideas, hope you enjoy it and approve it like i do.



DISCLAIMER: If you don't like it, don't be rude, it's a suggestion, give your opinion as long as you don't offend or insult anyone with it.

This is a personal suggestion so it might conflict with various other player point of view.


I'll be making this thread in Spoiler Based, to be more pleasant to the eye and easier to read, feel free to add any input about the way the thread is organized (not going to be big though)


Main Suggestion - Weapon Passive Ability

Every Type of weapon would have a specific passive ability. Those abilities would increase the performance that you have when wielding a weapon that matches a certain type.

These, would increase with time, only when wielding a weapon that matched that specific ability.

For example, using a Heavy weapon would increase heavy ability, while using a rifle would increase rifle ability.


Maximum of 5 ranks, that would be similar to 2/3 Account ranks in terms of experience.


Types of Abilities

At the moment i can recall of 12 types of weapons, therefore 11 type of abilities, these are the following


- Sniper

- Special

- Rifle

- Shotgun



- Pistol

- Throwing Stuff (daggers and Stars)

- Dual/Twin guns



- Short (daggers/fist)

- Medium (normal swords, like Dark Sword, Ether Sword, Skana)

- Dual Weapons (Dual Skana, Fang, Dual Ether Sword/Dagger, Dual Zoren)

- Heavy

- Thrown


Passive ability by type - Primary

- Sniper - Increases Range by 2m per rank (maximum 10m)

- Special - Decreased reload speed and Charge* by 7% plus additional 2% per rank (maximum of 15%)

- Rifle - Increased Rate of Fire by 7% plus additional 2% per rank (maximum of 15%

- Shotgun - Decreased pellet spreading 5% per rank (maximum of 25%)


*Some weapon would require to be added to Rifle ability instead of special for not having Charge feature

Passive ability by type - Secondary

- Pistol - Increases projectile (bullet, bolt, etc) damage by 5% per rank (maximum of 25%)

- Throwing Stuff - Increases maximum magazine and ammunition by 3% per rank (maximum 15%)

- Dual/Twin guns - Increases maximum magazine and ammunition by 3% per rank (maximum 15%)

Passive ability by type - Melee

- Short - Increases attack speed (fire rate/animation) by 5% per rank (maximum of 25%)

- Medium - Increases damage by 5% per rank (maximum 25%)

- Dual Weapons - Increases Range by 5% (maximum 25% or 1.2m)

- Heavy - Decreases Charge Time by 2% per rank (maximum of 10%)

- Thrown - Bypasses dead enemies (continue straight flight) and increase flight range by 2% per Rank (maximum 10%)


Notes on abilities

Those abilities are more for understanding purposes than actual reliable stats, since i haven't played most of the weapons i can't really say what would really be worth having or not. Therefore, a small "introduction" on something that would be nice to have.


These passive abilities could be enabled and disable with a toogle system. Suggested by 



Leave your opinions, criticisms and stuff. Try to be civilized, by not offending neither me, or other participants on the thread.




TL:DR - Add special passive abilities to type of weapon, the more you use that type of weapon, the better you/it becomes



Your fellow Tenno, Endrance

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sounds nice. would be easier to choose a weapon to match your gaming style. some stealth stuff on throwings would be nice, like after killing an enemy 5% less chance of another enemy noticing you etc.

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+ for it making your character more indiviual

- power creep (not an acctual "-" but more of a concern, game is rather easy as it is right now)

Like i've said in the end of my suggestive post, this is more to give the actual idea than the stats. I'm no developer and i have no way to see how some weapons would work better with some extra "features"


Would prefer accuracy for the rifle passive, as that's something you could realistically improve by practice, rather than fire rate which would require changing a guns parts.

Depending on player and weapon yes, but we can't expect to have a different ability for each weapon, although that was be rather nice, sound unreliable since we have way too many weapons to have individual skills.

As for the fact that i suggested A for rifle passive and your prefer B, please take in mind that my suggestion is more dedicated about adding passive abilities to weapons rather than the current abilities i've displayed.


I see this as an advantage,but to some also as a DISadvantage.I mean,what if I WANT to have bigger pellet spread?Or what if I WANT to have less firerate than the ability gives me?I would also invent a toggle button for those abilities ´is all.

Once again live i've replied to Lactamid, it's more of a suggestive about adding abilities than the abilities themselves.

The toogle feature would be nice also


sounds nice. would be easier to choose a weapon to match your gaming style. some stealth stuff on throwings would be nice, like after killing an enemy 5% less chance of another enemy noticing you etc.

Something like that would work, although i didn't put too much effort in choosing the skill, i used only the "main" image i got from playing with some weapons so i could actual give an example.

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I'd like it. It's not that. It's just that if we get more and more things that increase our damage output and our survivability enemies needs to get better aswell making it balanced and dynamic.

I would love to have more "RPG-elements" in this game and see it evolve to something more than a somewhat flat shooter. Adding some sort of "use this - get better at it" system would be awesome, I really liked those games that had that before. I'd also like some skill-trees and various builds of each frame.

Yes we have mods, but that isn't very "personal". You can change those alot and everyone will go pretty much the same way with the frames.

I'm all for playing a game and while doing so every thing that you do "matters". That is nice. It give you all the more reason to try, and also makes you connect more with the game.


How ever, if we did get a "learn by doing" and a "passive skill tree"...and mods, and alt. gear...and levels...and forma..and aura +mods :)

Things would perhaps be a bit to complicated for some while others would love the deapth.


Think of a maxed frame, and then think of a matching enemy - what would that enemy need in order to provide some amount of challange?
We need both. (not that you ever said we didn't)

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skill trees would be nice. but I want big skill trees with lots of stuff do choose from. and not like WoW after Cataclysm where you can just activate everything and then thats ok.


more like you have 50 points to spend and 100 skill stuff things. so you can experiment what suits you the best etc.

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As rpg elements they can add pus 2 mod slot which contain only the passive skills. Then we have an aura slot which is now worthless only one positvum the +14 mod capacity nothing more. Have 10 space which contain 4 active ability and 2 polarities with 4 simple slots. And they also can add +2 passive ability which contain the actually frame capabilities and one which independent skill and them chosable. Like hardened training which grant the wearer more hp and a minor hp regen. Maybe can given other passive bonuses like speed, improved accuracy, better shield use, less "mana" needs and etc. And yes, skill trees also would be nice if this game want contain more rpg elments.

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