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A Great 2 Player Session...


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There was an alert at Ceres / Ker today that had a Forma BP as the prize - so you know I had to go for it. Problem was, I have only unlocked Ceres up to Ludi - I could never get people to go through the rest of the areas with me (I don't belong to a Clan yet). So the first thing was getting to Ker, which meant I had to get through Ludi, Lex and Kiste first,


I had difficulty getting anyone, as I mentioned - so I just picked "Play Now" - so someone could drop in (otherwise picking "Solo" would force the game to be only me), for Ludi and Lex. I had no help with Ludi, but Lex some people dropped in. At Kiste I had a full crew (mobile defense tends to get the players in).I had a feeling that the other players were doing the same thing - trying to get to Ker so they can get that alert before it expired. You should have seen how many people were begging to have someone invite them to an alert - including me. The pace was frantic and nobody had any time to putter around, it was "Just finish this and on to the next area!".


So after Kiste and many, many Rhino stomps (btw, there was some good drops at Kiste, and I got an Orokin Cell at Lex from a container(not sure?), and the Stalker showed up too - but empty-handed...); Ker opened up and the alert appeared. I clicked on accept and I was like "Why did I do that?".


It opened up as a defense mission, one of the maps that look like an outside space station. The pod was in a corner, there was a high stack of orange crates in front of it, and monsters could come at all angles; oh yeah - I was only matched with one person, so we had two players during this session. Don't know why it did that but it did; went right into a game when I clicked on accept, with no choice to wait for more players...


Anyway, I looked at the type of game and it said "16 Waves"! I was thinking, there's no way two people are going to make it through 16 waves The other player asked if there was a way to invite more people and I replied "I don't know if you can do that while the game is running...". So we just decided to see how long we could last, neither one of us thought we had a chance in Gehenna....


Knowing how tough it is, especially when "Poison Boy" (Toxic Ancients) starts showing up in later rounds made us be very careful and more strategic. Fortunately he was using Nova and I was Rhino - which turned out to be a devastating combination. Everything started to become fluid, and the waves just started to melt away. Down to wave 6 and we were thinking - "Hey, maybe we CAN do this- - just two of us!?!?". By then in anticipation of Poison Boy, I had moved to higher ground, on top of the high crates. The other player ran around on the ground. He primed them and I exploded them. I shot until they started gathering up numbers, and then Rhino Stomped them, taking out massive amounts at once due to the combination of Molecular Prime and my already deadly Rhino Stomp abilities. Especially helpful near the end, when groups of Ancients started to come, with multiple Poison Boys - I could Rhino Stomp the primed up enemies, taking out all this weaker ones and freezing the Ancients - and my Despair could pop their tops off, keeping my friend on the ground safe from being poisoned or knocked down.


In between rounds we collected the stuff on the ground - being careful to leave orbs near the pod so my friend could re-energize and keep throwing Molecular Prime. The strategy worked very well, and at the last wave I was like "We're really going to do this, aren't we?". I had no doubt in my mind, but I never thought just us two would be able to complete all those waves - especially on a higher level planet AND alert mission (Level 5), it was exhilarating to say the least! Out came their last wave - their best effort to try and stop us. There were a small group of Chargers, some Leapers representing, and a whole lot of Ancients and Toxic Ancients - as I expected. It was time to Prime and Stomp like there was no tomorrow. The Chargers came running in first, mixed with a few Leapers, coming from across the map and down the right straight-away. I was on top of the crates so I could barely catch them with my Despair as they came under the second to last archway. I kept checking for the few coming up from the lower walkway to the left of that one - that's where the Ancients usually start to show up. After that group was thinned out with Despair and AOE jump strikes from my Reaper Prime (not to mention my friend who was Priming and attacking on the ground) I knew the deadliest batch would be coming from the area underneath the other walkway and coming down the stairs near there. After that Ancients would flow in from the lower walkway I mentioned before. As they started their grouping up, I held out a little, just popping them off with Despair - and when they got out of hand I started Rhino Stomping them. I had to save my friend once, because he ran through the poison - but he learned not to do that afterwards and became a force unleashed. I mixed in Roar to make it easier to kill them and Stomped them, followed by popping their crowns off. Just kept doing that until the Game said "Mission Complete". I think both of us were shocked. He wrote "Unbelievable!", and I wrote "Excellent!" - and we became real game friends after that.


I think that was the best session I have had in all of Warframe so far. Its moments like those that are the reason to play.Just wanted to share that with you all because it was a great experience for me - and that's why I play games in the first place; to experience something good and feel accomplished once in a while - even if it is only a game.

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Thats cool bro, but for future, you can ask someone who have unlocked certain mission just to invite you. You dont have to be able to open it, as long as someone in group can.

I know my post is a long read, but I did mention that in the second paragraph, everybody was begging to get an invite - including myself and it just wasn't happening, so I had to do what I had to do and try to get there myself. Thankfully people did start to drop in and help after the first area I needed to get through. In-between areas I would go to Recruiting and type in a short phrase like - "I'm in Lex now, come in and help if you can!" which I think got a few people to drop in.

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wow really nice story. I actually really enjoed reading it!. would be a nice facfic story like this text for a begining etc. if it was a book i woud buy it xD


I really like your writing style ^^


would be nice to read more of your experience ingame as storys :D

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But... *points at the void* you can get so many forma in the void...


Guaranteed Reward > RNG


Just saying. Besides, it normally takes a few minutes for most alerts and maybe five to ten for some defenses? Not much of a side-track.

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