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Redirection Mod (To The Max)



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1: fusion cores

2: rare mods (same polarity)

3: the same redirection type mod or uncommon mod with same polarity

4: mod with the same (D) polarity

5: other mods


*the higher the rarity of the fusion core/mod the better.


ie: common mod is "1 point", uncommon "2 points" and rare is "4 points"



lvl 0: 1 point (1 mod)

lvl 1: 2 points

lvl 2: 4 points

lvl 3: 8 points

lvl 4: 16 points

lvl 5: 32 points

lvl 6: 64 points

lvl 7: 128 points

lvl 8: 254 points

lvl 9: 512 points

lvl 10: 1024 points


If this was uncommon lvl 10 would be 2048 points, and rare 4096 points (there are no rare 10s)


In order to make a mod this is true, but a mod DOES NOT! have the same value as the points needed to create it.

A rare 10 fusion core will give you 40 points (4 x 10) and not 4096. So...don't use high lvl mods in order to up low mods.

The mods value is point x lvl:

common: 1 x lvl

uncommon: 2 x lvl

rare: 4 x lvl



Using the same polarity is also key as using another polarity mod won't be as effective. 50% or something like that.


This might be wrong, but it is how I think it works.


*don't remember but it might be that if you use a copy you get 100% of the points, and another mod with the same polarity is 50% - then and additional 50% if the mod is some other polarity (25% effective)


those wiki guys probably know

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