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Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited Part 2

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2 hours ago, (XB1)ZenithLord 42 said:

So, it's been awhile, but here are a few changes that need to happen to a few Warframes before Fortuna drops. 

1. Ember: PLEASE look at the range reduction on her WoF and consider giving her an energy cost reduction as well. Give her World on Fire flat damage and percentage based damage so she can stay relevant in higher levels and not literally burn through lower level content. Right now she's a closet Frame because WoF is what keeps her alive and it simply doesn't work. 

2. Limbo: it isn't that difficult to enter and exit the rift, but not being able to banish enemies who are on another plane than you severely handicaps him and forces him to overly rely on Cataclysm. It's frustrating when his entire kit is made irrelevant because of one power. He also should be able to use Banish on targets inside Cataclysm to remove them from the rift as well. After the rework he was much better at CC-ing and killing enemies, but pre-rework he was much more fun to play, which is a shame. 

3. Banshee: PLEASE change her Soundquake into a power that increases interactivity as opposed to encouraging player stupidity. It has now become a spam power which is worse than before! Make her stationary again, but let her pulse every few seconds to stagger enemies. Give her directional control over the damage that increases the damage the longer the you aim in one direction. Enemies hit by the pulse are also staggered and you can increase the frequency of the "stagger-pulses" by sweeping the aim around. Give her bonus damage against enemies who have been affected by Sonar. 

4. Chroma: could you look at tweaking the duration of his Vex Armor? It's recastable, but this leads to some odd modding situations where the result is spending too much time maintaining the power instead of taking advantage of it! His Spectral Scream is still worthless and would greatly benefit by implementing a much higher base damage value that only scales by a fraction of Vex Armor to keep the damage from reaching rediculous values? It would be a shame to have his Prime release and him still suffering from these two issues. 

5. Oberon: any chance of giving his Hallowed Ground more duration? All of the mods kind of work against him in that if you want to mod for specific powers his other powers go unused. This is seen most dramatically in Hallowed Ground which really take advantage of duration. It seems like a power that is meant to be fired and left alone, but it doesn't last long enough to really take advantage of unless you build for just Hallowed Ground which makes the rest of his kit suffer even more! Having a minimum duration of 25 seconds that won't drop below that would solve a lot of issues as their isn't enough space for mods to make all his powers synergize well instead of working against each other. 

Thanks, DE! 

I think you forgot something.

6. Volt: would you please buff his base sprint speed to 1.10 and his Prime to 1.15 and change the duration of speed to 20 seconds and decrease his shields to 20 aswell.

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