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New Mission Idea: Defense + Escape


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I dont know did this idea come up before or not as I am not sure how it will be called.


Anyway, this is what i am thinking.


player seperate into 2 team,


Team A). defense the extraction zone (protect something)

Team B). on the other side of the map, fighting the way back to the extraction zone.


Team B will need to active something (e.g. generator) or getting some power packs to active the escape vehicle.


Once all player arrived the extraction zone, you need to defense for certain waves or time (Mobile defense or normal defense) but the amount of enemy will be more and their level is higher than before.


minimun requirement:

need 2 player to start the mission.


at the beginning of the mission, a menu (aka the menu for defense mission in every 5 waves) asking player to choice rather doing Team A or Team B. (minimun of 1 player per side. e.g. 3 player at Team A and 1 player at Team B but the amount of enemy for Team A will be much more than Team B.)





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What if you play by yourself? I like the idea but your argument is now invalid

cant play by yourself as there will have a minimum requirement:

need 2 player to start the mission.


anyway, thanks for the reply.


I was expecting to see some more feedback so I can update the idea...but well...:(

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