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What Difference Does The Directx11 Option Make?



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Generally? Not a great deal. It allows for fancier effects and theoretically is supposed to work faster than Dx9, however the effects need to be designed for Dx11 mode, none of which are either implemented or noticeable, and performance generally drops when using Dx11 on most games.

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DX11 is backwards compatible(can run on dx 10 hardware or in dx10 mode)


Incorrect. DX11 can only run on GPUs that support the DX11 instruction set. Let me know when you et DX11 running on an Nvidia GeForce 2xx series card or below.



As for addressing the OP, DX11 is much more optimized, and if you have DX11 capable hardware, it will be able to run DX11 shaders much more efficiently than DX9 or DX10 shaders.


When you enable the DX11 option in the launcher, it switches the in game shaders and graphics processing to the DX11 instruction set. If you have DX11 capable hardware, you want this to ALWAYS be checked, as it will result in a better framerate (although it doesn't give any added effects, because DX11 exclusive effects such as tesselation have not been incorporated into Warframe). Only turn it off for troubleshooting problems, or if you don't have DX11 capable hardware.


Direct X 11 is considered the "next generation" of Direct X after DX9. This is because DX10, while it had some nice effects, was just an enhanced DirectX 9.

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