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Maybe This Has Been Asked Before But........


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Why cant we have a different color for all resources?  I hate having to sometimes rush back through a blood thirsty mob of ancients just to pick up 150 nanospores.




Morphics= green





and so on.



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Common resource: yellow

Uncommon resource: green

Rare resource: red

Research resource: blue

Maybe something like that?



though i kind've liked that short time when we had more than one model for resource items, that cube thing and this plastic box thing.

when i saw that i was assuming every resource was going to have it's own specific model :(

it sounded cool.


but, i'll take an organized system like this over what we have now, sure. and not that hard to implement, clan items are already that plastic box thing just recolored.

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What about people who are colorblind?

Maybe on the top of the box there could be some icon? I, II, III and X or something?

(Good that you mentioned it, I really like that people think of this)


as mentioned above the "order" should probably be green, yellow, red - traffic lights - and blue.

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What about people who are colorblind?


Tricky, pop in some kind of letter that indicates what it is?


we cant use R for Rare and Research, or C for common and Clan, maybe ABCD? A for rare, B for uncommon, C for common and D for clan tech resource?

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