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Glaive Stuck At Level 29


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you'll only get XP for it if you use it or drag it along to a (mobile) defence mission


and if it's seriously stuck, make a screenshot, play a number of battles with screenshot of each result. compare it then, and if it's really stuck report it as a bug

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I dont even know what to say to this level of ignorance

its not ignorance. please take a moment to read around a bit. you will see that many many many many issues that people have with weps/frames/other comes from something they are doing or not doing. it is well within reason to ask if "you have your computer turned on" (thats a bit of a joke bro). if the most common fix does not solve the issue, then we will move on to more advanced suggestions.

side note: please do not assume that everyone is out to troll you.

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