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Warframe Concept:void The Dimension Frame


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this is a idea that i came up with while reading some sci fi similar to warframe(when i started the game some time back got way 2 much into it)(so now im gonna make a few concepts for frames i though of) the idea is a still work in progress  and is open 2 advise also sorry for my bad English on 2 the idea:


General description : Void is a Frame based on using Ancient Orokin Technology  to manipulate the area around him  as well as  dimensions to hinder foes and helps his friends  he does this by careful planning and timing of his 4 powers(thus this makes him a tank/support):


Power 1: Dimension barrier: Void will create a barrier that will absorb incoming fire in a circle around him   then open up small holes (dimension rips) in the space around all nearby foes and unleash all absorbed attack(bullets bombs so forth)

the absorbed attacks will deal bonus damage depending on how much was absorbed  


barrier duration: 5/10/15 sec 



power 2:Dimension Warp: Void warps him self into another dimension(on screen just enter a kind of ethereal state and has some screen effects(like world on fire but something 2 make the room look like a other dimension) he stays in this state  for 4/8/12 sec   void can still  shoot his foes from the other dimension and the shots will become more powerful if void  uses melee on a enemy he will drag the foe into that dimension  were the foe will lose half of all stats and be slowed as well suffer from speed de-buffs  whose power will very  on  power rank 


cost:75 energy


power 3:Dimension Sphere: Void Forms 1/2/3 spheres on the next cast of the spell he shoots 1 sphere  the sphere resembles a black hole and draws in close nearby foes as well as enemy and friendly fire forcing  making sure that ally shots hit effected targets and that enemy shots cant hit  the sphere also deals damage 2 effected foes every 0.2 sec


after there formed each sphere lasts  for 10 sec and act as a shield absorbing some of the incoming fire this will grow as he calls forth and forms more spheres at once  though this can also backfire and draw in a rocket for example 


each sphere shot off lasts for 3 sec and hits effected target every 0.2 sec for X damage for 3 sec 


cost: 10 energy to form spheres and 10/15/20 more for each sphere he shoots(so at a higher rank  it has a higher cost)


Power 4:Dimension Rift: Void will create  rips in dimensions  and disrupt the natural flow of time slowing foes over the duration  the slow starts out weak as the rips start to happen and form and gets very strong making all foes seems as if there standing still at last few sec of the skills duration  while all of his ally's will move faster and not lose ammo or have 2 reload skill lasts for 4/7/10 sec 


cost: 100 energy


im still working  on his base stats but so far:







any feedback is welcomed

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