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Stamina / Blocking Idea


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TL;DR at bottom


While I consider Warframe's mechanics to be fairly well designed, I feel that blocking and stamina are relatively archaic gameplay elements that need some revamping. I'm also fairly certain that the community feels the same way. I thought I'd throw at a few ideas into the mix that more fully integrates the two systems, while granting the often overlooked daggers and longswords a greater viability.


Blocking -



Tapping the block button allows your Warframe to enter a quick parrying animation in which all melee attackers are knocked back and all ranged projectiles are reflected towards your targeting reticle.


Holding the block button now causes your Warframe to set into a defensive stance. All bullets and lasers in a 45° cone in front of your Warframe are blocked 100%. Each succesful block drains stamina, based on your melee weapon. Furthermore, each blocked projectile has a chance to reflect in the direction of your targeting reticle.


In General -

Short Weapons have LOW stamina cost and LOW reflect chance

Long Weapons have MEDIUM stamina cost and HIGH reflect chance

Dual Weapons have HIGH stamina cost and MEDIUM reflect chance

Thrown Weapons have HIGH stamina cost and NO reflect chance

Heavy Weapons have HIGH stamina cost and LOW reflect chance


This helps balance out the weapons in the game, where Heavy weapons and Dual weapons are currently favored over most Short and Long weapons. Short and Long weapons will be more defensively oriented melee weapons, while Dual and Heavy weapons will be favored for offensive, charge based attacks.



Stamina -


While stamina stays fundamentally the same, some Warframes now have higher base stamina, particularly Warframes that fall between the Caster and Tank categories.


Warframes like LOKI, ASH, and EXCALIBUR will have a higher base or scaling stamina, which allows these rush and solo frames to have higher mobility and the capability to "absorb" higher amounts of damage via the new blocking mechanics.


A higher stamina for certain frames, combined with the new blocking mechanics gives these frames an alternative gameplay style and build, so that one does not need to pump mod points purely into Redirection in order to get through a level.



By incorporating both changes, we could possibly see the emergence of a new style of frame. While most frames focus purely on tank or caster, melee/stamina frames could become more viable. This would also open the door for other melee weapon types built specifically for blocking / defense (Greatshield and Sword + Board), as well as defensive mods for melee weapons (Reduced stamina block cost, increased reflect chance, increased parry time)


Thanks for your time, and comments are welcome.

This was just an idea I had at work >.<



TL;DR - Tap to parry, Held blocking is 100% effective with chance to reflect, stamina cost per blocked shot is based on weapon, with lower stamina costs favoring Short and Long, make some frames like LOKI, ASH, EXCAL have higher stamina to make block/melee frames viable.



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