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Ember change was bad.

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Ember World on fire should get increased damage by 6 times.
But get increased energy drain by 4 times.  
While not changing range at all.

This ability as an Ultimate (4) should be really powerful for high energy cost.
Turn ON to quickly melt everything in that room. But you can't just go to another and melt everything in every room, because you don't have enough energy to do that.

That's how should this work and remove possibility of turning it ON and forget to turn it OFF, while running and automatically clear rooms from enemies.

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13 minutes ago, BiancaRoughfin said:

The main problem is not on Ember her self, its on the Heat procs that are crap. Hopefully when Damage 3.0 hits, heat will cause more damage and stack. This will make Ember great.

Stacking heat damage would be a nice and welcome change.  

I think Heat also needs to bypass some armor though, the EHP of enemies 70+ is basically a joke, I think even with stacking heat procs. it wouldn't be quite where it needs to be.

And with all that said, I agree with Ifrit that the range should just be left alone on WoF.  I personally never even used Stretch on her, so for me this is the difference between 15 meters down to 6.  It's unreasonable.

If there is a problem with people abusing power range, then about lowering the hard cap on it from 280% which is absurd.  It's not Ember's fault they allowed Range mods to stack to unreasonable limits.  (And I should note, building for High Range with Ember is redundant anyway - however lowering her to 6 meters without range mods is a step WAY too far.)

I'm fine with rising cost and damage - but range was like a big middle finger from DE.  Don't even have it on console yet, but basic math skills and about 100 threads today alone tell me these changes are trash.  

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