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Dunno about that.


Maybe, if you get lucky and have him teleport to just the right spot.


His unique AI/pattern makes him a wholly different beast than most other Grineer bosses who simply copy the AI/pattern of their "base" enemy.

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My Krestel hasn't been crafted yet. If this method is possible with bosses then I will start crafting. :D

even if it is possible, it is prob too situational, though Loki have slightly more options with switch teleport.


btw, does the Bullet-Attractor + Kestrel combo still work (on the reworked bosses?)

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Kestrel does not work with Vor now. It did right after their new rework on him, but their first patch seemed to remove it. Kestrel seems to work with pretty much any other boss, though. Get up close to them, crouch, and throw it up at them, preferably under their chin, to get the best launch.

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