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Please Keep All Of The Haters Out Of The Brony Topics


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(Disclaimer: I have not watched MLP, nor am i a brony, but i do respect others opinions and see some respect go to them)

You know the two MLP topics? You know how all the MLP haters always jump in and shout "NO NO NO NO! SCREW MLP! WATCH REAL CARTOONS YOU PIECE OF ****!


Yeah, despite not being a brony, i would like it if there could be a pinned thread in Off Topic where all the bronies go and post ponies and all that.


If the bronies post ponies outside of that thread, they're warned (Except where it fits), if haters post something off topic and/or start hating in the topic, they're given a warning.


Again, i'm not a brony, but i would like this to stop, and it might attract some more people (Ya never know)



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I'm pretty impartial to both sides, but there's a place on the internet if you want to talk about ponies:





'course I can imagine it being fine in an off-topic forum. But this forum is based around warframe, not MLP. If you were to pin a topic about MLP then in turn why would you not go and pin topics on other internet groups?


Ponies/Bronies/MLP fandom eventually becomes an issue on any large forum at one point or another, and what you are suggesting about the individual pony thread is usually a route that is taken, however stickying that thread is a bit of favoritism. What should happen is just a single thread that people are directed towards. They don't need to be held out individually (via pinning), but they also don't need a mass amount of individual threads all discussing the same thing. In that regard, I agree with your input about a single thread.


It may require a little bit more moderation, but just a slight redirection to the thread for any newcomers should be a fine enough action. Moderation doesn't have to be all about warning and being heavy-handed, it serves as a tool to redirect people who infringed upon the rules so that they might not make that mistake again in the future.

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You know, for the most part I am ambivalent when it comes to things like this... but as far as rabid fandoms go, 'Bronies' are pretty damn rabid. So I have no sympathy for them when they draw flames and hatred like a festering carcass draws flies. So you like a specific cartoon, wonderful, good for you. You want to gather like-minded individuals to discuss the subject of your interest. Again, good for you. So make a clan or something.

The problem is that more often than not 'Bronies' go out of their way to attract negative attention, and then get offended when they succeed. Obviously this blanket statement does not apply to each and every individual, and should be interpreted as a simple generalization. I can't describe the behavior of most of that fandom as anything other than malicious baiting and evangelizing. It's the same crap that zealous religious groups pull habitually, and it's every bit as irritating and obnoxious.

It's not that fans of My Little Pony are any worse than say, fans of any other television show, video game, book, music group, etc. They are just more likely to be obtrusive and provocative than others. I would be just as unsympathetic towards people getting flamed in a Skyrim or Mass Effect thread as I am towards the 'Bronies' getting flamed in their threads. Yet you'll rarely see Skyrim or Mass Effect references beyond the casual context-related analogy, whereas 75% of the time when I see My Little Pony references they are so forced, so stretched, it is as though they were inserted with a sledgehammer. The thing is that from what I can tell, 'Bronies' make a point of forging a personal identity out of falling outside of a social norm. To put it more simply, they are artificially creating a self-image of being pseudo-ostracized by their peers. It's a bit pitiful, but to each their own.

That being said, these are the Warframe Forums, which for the most part are for the specific purpose of discussing aspects of the game and providing the developers with feedback. So long as threads like that stay in Off-Topic discussion, it isn't too much to ask that uninterested parties not bother with them. But don't waste your time trying to stop confrontations that are being actively encouraged. If things get out of hand, the moderators will handle it. It's better not to get involved in the first place.

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