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Alerts On Planet Zoom.


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Any chance we can get the alerts onto the zoomed in view of the planets.  With the new star chart, there is rarely any need to zoom out anymore, I can just scroll around to the planet I want, which is great btw.  The only reason I need to zoom out is to check the current alerts (and to use keys, which I would love if there was some way to not have to do this either).


I currently have my phone with the app on it, but I have set the filters on it to alert me for only things that I would actually stop what I was doing and get on the computer to do.  Certain alerts I would only do if I was already playing the game, ie high credit ones.  So even though this does give me 1 option (although turning the screen on is worse than zooming out).


Just wondering if there is a reason that upper right hand info hides when you zoom in, and can we get an option just to keep it there.

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