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Ammo Mutation Mods Broken


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Well, as the title says, the mutation mods are incredibly broken.  There I was, playing a void round, and all of the sudden I realized that I was running out of knife ammo.  I never run out of knife ammo.  And then I noticed that I was getting the "pistol ammo converted to +5 rifle ammo" message.


But here's the problem.  First off, I had no mutation mod applied at all to any weapon.  Secondly, the way the mods are coded they're supposed to let you fill up on the ammo types first, and once you're full then you convert them.  Instead it wasn't letting me pick up any pistol ammo at all.  And thirdly, the mods only work if you have the weapon with the mod on it equipped.  My rifle was not equipped, but it kept on converting anyway.


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I encounter this bug quite often, and each time someone has been using a mutator mod.
Hopefully they fix this soon, not being able to pick up ammo unless you're using the same primary weapon as the person with the mod sucks.

Although, I'm pretty sure that this bug has been reported before.

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