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It seems the devs ignored one thing while nerfing Ember...

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Damage fall off or damage range, w/e you guys call it(much like exalted blade).

Seems folks dislike the range of the skill itself, but less have anything to say of it's damage.

Others complain she decimates armies and they can't kill.


Why not give WoFire the Discharge treatment and revert the range and energy drain back to the way it was and have the damage range over over time instead. Others in squad (new players included) benefited from it's cc. Why ruin that cc?

World on Fire more potent at it's center(after 15 or so seconds). Like a damage cone getting smaller and smaller, while the skill keeps it's original range and energy drain.

Another tidbit would be that WoF's damage range is increased in the direction Fireball is shot. Either a cone shape or a rectangle shape. Also more explosions happen in that direction.

Enemies hit by fireball also has extra explosions on him and happens fast.

Also, ring of fire knocks down and causes more WOF explosions on enemies hit by it for a short time and it happens fast. So many xplosions like a typical transformers movie.

W/ accelerent active, the more enemies are hit by any ability or heat damage, the more damage all her abilities do on those enemies hit by those attacks.

That way, world on fire keeps it's range, Embers keep their survive ability and everyone is happy.

Also, accelerent should be an aura and increase Embers armor per enemy hit w/ WoF. Basically draining the enemies of their armor and giving it to her inflaming Embers body melting many bullets that come near her.

People want their flaming roosters back. It was an awesome look.

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