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Lephantis invisible floor.

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You can create an invisible floor during the laphantis boss fight.

Bug priority : low

How: Seems like during the breaking floor cinematic if you swap to operator during (or right before) 

Result : You are stuck in the upper part and cannot jump or go down. Laphantis seems to not be able to attack you. 

Current Fix: The only way to move around is going back to operator mode and dash througth this invisible floor.

Thanks ^.^ 


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hmm...I have a similar problem to this...

So i was standing at the edge of the room (or was I in a hole on the wall?) when the cinematic was playing, I can just jump down and fight it normally before, but today when i was doing the sortie, there was an invisible floor, which i think is the same one you encountered, but instead I am ON the floor and can move around, jump or anything, BUT I cannot get down no matter what I do, all I could do was try shoot it's face in a weird angle from above, see my teammates dying, or bleed out lonely above everyone(well, seems the corpus head can hit you with the poison gas)

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