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Stalker Bug (Host Migration)


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When Stalker appears at the end of the round of defense (in this case Xini) and a host migration occurs right after all players choose to battle... This happens.

I was in a team with a Rhino, Ash and Banshee. Rhino (host), who had the Stalker chasing him, left right at the beginning of the 6th wave, making me the host and leaving us the Stalker.


We tried to kill him without success. He had his body invisible, though it was possible to see him because of the cloud of black smoke around him, the poison FX (green outline thingy) when he was close to a Toxic Ancient, and when his shields were recharging (oddly this gave him the red instead of normal blue outline).


He did not have any of his weapons, therefore didn't shoot or slice anyone, but he was constantly using Slash Dash and Teleport to get to enemies. His attacks didn't harm any of us, nor they did harm the infested.


The weirdest thing was that the bar that normally showed the cryopod health now showed the health of Stalker and said STALKER instead of WARFRAME CRYOPOD.

It was located in the exact same spot on the screen as the cryopod health indicator.


The second weirdest thing is that Stalker basically served as a revivable decoy. He drawed enemy attention and did not disappear when killed. Instead he would fall and lay still (not sure if lying, the only visible thing was smoke), and wait for us to revive him. at that point his health indicator showed 1%.



I'll upload screenshots, you will have to take my word for it that they are not edited in any way.

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