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Let The Tenno - Walk


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This is a call to all exhausted Tenno!





It's time to WALK.



I hereby officially tack on the thread that shall one way bring forth the relaxed Tenno via the future implementation by DE that permits us Tenno to walk without our weapons through both missions and Dojo, as well as while carrying our weapons. 


Why, no doubt you knew it was needed,

And you felt the emptiness without it,

Linked we are, by the chains forcing a pace of half-running or outright sprinting.

Knew it was coming.. finally it is here..


The thread to free us all!

Enroll today for the Walk for Tenno by upvoting and sharing opinions!


[*The Fine print.]


I personally say why not? It would certainly add to immersion, most of all on the dark 'horror' themed tilesets and offers another unique market for DE in the long run, wherein they can start offering unique walks, runs, ect-cosmetics. I won't say more here and now, it will spark interest or - it will die and leave us bound in an adrenaline fueled state for eternity.


- Update: Potentially adding in future stealth perks via walking - if in time Warframe takes a semi-Thief route and allows walking on some surfaces to go unheard - or more difficult to see, while running does the complete opposite. : (Credit to Zareek) 


- Update: Having been informed we already have a walk - I take an angered tone to DE for making the walk that is apparently already present in the game, gamepad only. Fix your sin DE, fix it and repent you naive fools! 


When your done fixing such a blatant mistake - start making new animations for it - even though I don't even know what the present walk looks like, I'll just go ahead and assume we could use more animations and variety, so the enrollment is still open, we want more! >:|


... seriously a walk that's gamepad only.. I feel sick.. how could you DE.. how.. could you.. the PS4 version hasn't even released yet and they already have a nearly exclusive feature! B...BAAAHH. [slight sarcasm here :P]

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With a controller you can walk like normal, but I am actually surprised that with a keyboard and mouse that you can't walk with a push of a button. It's in the game, but not for keyboard players.


I actually had no idea.... 


<starts to pull out an old logitech joystick to try to rig to work with Warframe -_-> 


Alright so.. refreshing the OP - ... a call for a Walk toggle for the walk that's already there, + a call for new walk animations, cause hell, I don't even know what the walk looks like yet! So I'm just going to assume we can do better and ask for ... better! ... yeah. 


.... really DE you make the walk gamepad only, for shame... 

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