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Featured Prime Time Display Images [OFFICIAL THREAD]

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Greetings Warframe Fan Artists!

As you may have seen, recently we’ve made a change to the Fan Art segment of Prime Time.

Each week we now do a Twitch Drop of a Display, and each episode showcase a Fan Art piece that will be added in the in-game Codex for your decorating pleasure!

Examples of images we’ve showcased so far:

As someone who regularly combs the internet for Warframe Fan Art, I would like to use this thread as the official home for these showcased images! 

Things to note:

  • Submitting your art in this thread does not guarantee that it will be chosen 
  • You can submit as many art pieces as you would like
  • You can submit older work that you feel would make a good addition to the already existing Fan Art Codex
  • Do not post artwork that is not yours
  • By posting your images in this thread you grant us, Digital Extremes, permission to use your art in-game
  • Your image must be Warframe related

Thank you and good luck to all you talented Tenno!

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cool...all my art that I add and fix,is very good even on small resolutions like on mobile looks much better. So its going to look good in the game.... 😙😊👌🍻










Bonus:fDptvm5.jpg Excal Deluxe





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2 add my art
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too many pictures, so a spoiler. currently added: Trinity, Valkyr; Nezha, Lotus, Nyx, Saryn



Ice cold Trinity stegra

welp, here goes nothin

Queen Lotus

I made moma wear a dress. 

Valkyr Gersemi

A valkyr Gersemi Appeared...and will tear you to shreds.


and another one~ Nyx Carnifex this time!




Frost Fanart

Xenogelion Frost


Mesa Bullet-Hell

Hello Kiddo.

Hello Kiddo.

Graxx Valkyr

Valkyr Graxx


Nyx Deluxe

Nidus Deluxe by Sillfix

Nidus Deluxe 

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Here's my own art thread but I feel these are my better pieces as well as a couple of pieces that were shown on Prime Time


People have told me that they've mistaken this for official art?  XD From late 2016



This one was featured on one of the Prime Time from early last year



From middle of last year


Another piece that was shown on Prime Time though not sure what's going on with the artifact in the background so I need to fix that.



Another shown on Prime Time



http://studiocyen.net/images/warframe/11092017_operatorsfin1000.jpg (version 2)

Two versions of a gift I gave to my husband for our anniversary at the end of 2017.  



Planning to make a series of these because they're fun to draw! :)

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